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Address Changes

* Use this online form to let us know about your new address.

You can also visit UNH Connect, not only to give us address changes but also to look for old friends in the directory, create a profile page, and much more. It's free, and it's fun!

If you are an alumnus/a and did not receive your copy of the magazine, you may e-mail us at alumni.editor@unh.edu and request one. If the reason it did not reach you was because you have moved, please let us know your new address.

Receiving duplicate copies of the magazine?

The most likely reason is that you're both an alumnus/a and a parent of a current student. We try to eliminate as many of these duplications as we can, but if we haven't caught yours, please let us know by sending an e-mail to alumni.editor@unh.edu. In your e-mail please include the number of copies you're receiving, the names that appear on each address label and the address the magazines are being mailed to.

If you're not a parent-alum, the reason may lie elsewhere. In any case, we'll make sure you don't receive duplicate magazines in the future, and we appreciate your letting us know.

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