Class Notes Opener Photo

Here's a challenge: Identify the students in the foreground of this 1979 photo of Devine and Hunter Hall's Homecoming parade contingent. Alert readers Allen Brown '81, Donna Eldridge '82 and Bill Fokas '82 received Groucho noses for helping to identify the men and women behind the noses. Alan "Al" Magnusson '81 responded to our special bonus offer. He sent us a photo of himself wearing his Hunter Hall t-shirt. He received a Marx brothers poster and we printed his photo in the Winter '09 issue. There you can also see who the men and women are behind the noses.

And the noses are: Allen Brown '81, Gary Azarian '80, Frank Monteiro '82, Denise Sprankle Barack '82, Ed Hanley '83, Deborah Kustes Eastman '82, Sue Cahow Barrett '83, Dave "Goods" Goodwin '80, Al Schwartz '83, Howard Hamlin '82, Robert Walk '82 or Bob Marchewka '81, Tom Torr '82 or Rich Haggerty '82, Mark Duhamel '93, John "JL" LeFebvre '81, Gerry Neiman '81, Phil Anthony '81, Jim "Jimbo" Giallombardo '91, Randy Hall '82 and Bill Fokas '82.

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