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AHEAD OF THE GAME: The UNH Marching Band leads a football rally in 1946 in preparation for the game against Rhode Island. Note the presence of men: Only a year after World War II ended, UNH's undergraduate enrollment jumped from 1,270 to 3,400, courtesy of the G.I. Bill. This fall, 65 years later, UNH will play Rhode Island at Homecoming on Oct. 29. Marjerie Hastings '75 let us know that the trombonist on the left is Andrew Hastings '46. Barbara Cahoon let us know that her mother, Olive Cahoon, is the woman in the front row, 4th from left looking directly at the woman with the white scarf on her head. At the time, Olive was a music teacher in Derry, NH. Recognize anyone else? Email and let us know.

See also a larger version of the photo

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