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Honoring Exemplary Alumni

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New board members
ROTC Hall of Fame ceremony
Bylaws approved to formalize UNH relationship
Scholarships awarded to students

K. v. R. Dey Jr. '48 and
Patricia Dey
K. v. R. Dey Jr. '48, above with wife Patricia, is the first recipient of the Hubbard Family Award. Photo by Gary Samson

The University of New Hampshire's greatest benefactors--three brothers who parlayed a New Hampshire family farm into a worldwide business--are the inspiration for a new university award. The UNH Foundation's Hubbard Family Award for Service to Philanthropy is named in honor of Oliver '21, Leslie '27 and the late Austin '25 Hubbard.

For more than half a century, the Hubbard brothers applied knowledge gained at UNH to their business. Together, they transformed a one-henhouse farm in Walpole into a major corporation, which used poultry genetics and modern management techniques to develop superior breeding stock that provided more meat and egg protein and operated in more than 50 countries. It was acquired by Merck & Co. in 1974.

The brothers believed deeply in the importance of public higher education. "We've always felt there was no reason for anyone from New Hampshire to go outside the state for the best education," says Leslie Hubbard, "and we wanted to make sure the same was true for generations to come." Through a series of large and often anonymous gifts to the university, the Hubbards enabled UNH to significantly expand its academic programs and need-based scholarships.

"The Hubbards have always understood that the University of New Hampshire plays a pivotal role in the region's growth and prosperity," says Young P. Dawkins III, president of the UNH Foundation. "They have set the standard for philanthropy at the university, and it is fitting that we name our highest honor after this exemplary family."

The award will be presented periodically to recognize outstanding donors who have advanced public higher education at the university. The first Hubbard Award was presented to K. v. R. Dey Jr. '48 on Sept. 11.

An English major and intercollegiate athlete, Dey says the lessons learned in the classroom and on the football field and basketball court at UNH stood him in good stead during a 40-year career as a business leader. "My years at UNH contributed so much to my success in life," he says. "I feel a responsibility to give something back to the university."

Dey was instrumental in the success of the Campaign for Distinction from 1980 to 1983. He was asked to chair the National Development Committee in 1984. Five years later, he helped to establish the UNH Foundation, and he served as its chair from 1989 until 1998. Dey also led the campaign to raise $4 million to help construct the Whittemore Center.

He is a recipient of the UNH Alumni Association Profile of Service Award and the Meritorious Service Award.

In 1998, Dey, wife Patricia, son Frederick "Ted" Dey '84 and daughter Pamela Dey Vossler '81 established an endowment to support writing across the curriculum. "The ability to write well is necessary for success in any career," Dey says. "We wanted to support a program that would help a broad range of students." --Sarah Aldag

And the Winners are ...

In May, Edwinna Vanderzanden '80 was elected to a four-year term as alumni trustee to the USNH board of trustees, and UNH professor emeritus Joseph Murdoch '55G was re-elected to a two-year term.

Elibet Moore Chase '81, Doug Blampied '60 and Jean Ragonese '47, '49G were re-elected to the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Newly elected to three-year terms on the board were Samuel Paul '60 and Carroll Winch '63.


Thirteen UNH alumni have been inducted into the ROTC Hall of Fame since the UNH ROTC alumni chapter was founded four years ago. The late Col. Jere A. Chase '36, Gen. Melvin Zais '37, Brig. Gen. Harrison R. Thyng '39, Col. Pierre D. Boy '39, the late Capt. Harl Pease Jr. '39, Brig. Gen. Edward J. Haseltine '31, Lt. Col. Fred W. Hall Jr. '41, Capt. Gerald L. Smith '48, Capt. John M. Sakowski '50, Maj. Gen. Roland Lajoie '58, Col. Alden L. Winn '37, Col. Amos R. Townsend '52 and Gerald R. Helmich '54 were honored for their outstanding service to the country, state and UNH.

This year, the late RADM Richard H. O'Kane '33, Maj. Gen. John H. Jacobsmeyer Jr. '52, Brig. Gen. John N. Dailey '62, the late Col. Carmen D. Ragonese '49 and Col. John B. Hammond '61 will be inducted at the annual Veterans' Day ceremony on Nov. 9.

The ROTC alumni chapter seeks to provide community support for ROTC, foster camaraderie between past and present cadets, select the Hall of Fame inductees, establish a constituency base and enhance coordination between the departments of military science and aerospace studies, the alumni association and chapter members. Membership is open to any participant in the UNH Army or Air Force ROTC program. For more information, call (603) 862-1078, e-mail sheedy-lee@webtv.net or visit their Web page.

Relationship Formalized

Alumni officially endorsed changes to the UNH Alumni Association bylaws at the annual meeting on June 9. The changes formalize the association's relationship with the university by making the association a subsidiary of the university, while preserving the operational independence of the association and its board of directors. The changes are required to bring the association into compliance with state and federal laws.

A Hole in One for Students

The UNH Alumni Association has awarded scholarships to Jill Harper '03, a family studies and psychology major; Stephanie Ouimette '03, an English major; and Jessica York '03, an English/journalism major. The scholarships are funded through the proceeds from the UNH Alumni Open Golf Tournament.

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