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Old Fashions are Back in Style

Students talking - Photo by Lisa Nugent
Photo by Lisa Nugent/UNH Photographic Services

Well-dressed students on campus this fall look as though they spent the summer raiding dark corners of their parents' or grandparents' attics. "Everything old is new again," said a popular 1970s song, and that's the theme for fall fashions on the college scene. Men and women are drawing inspiration from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, and vintage clothing and retro styles inspired by earlier eras are everywhere apparent.

Extremes range from flare pants (remember bell bottoms?) and peasant blouses for women to button-down, short-sleeved shirts in pastel colors and trim chino pants for men. As for accessories, many coeds say it's either the bigger the better or none at all. Some combine big dangly earrings and chunky bracelets and necklaces with headbands straight out of the '60s. For others, a simpler look is the rule. Either way, you'll fit right in.

Must-Haves for Fall


  • cropped capri pants (think pedal pushers)
  • flat sandals
  • headbands
  • big, gaudy jewelry
  • knee-length skirts
  • button-down shirts with flutter and bell sleeves
  • big belts
  • Jackie Kennedy-style sheath dresses
  • big sunglasses
  • peasant shirts
  • big leather bags


  • corduroy flare pants
  • three-quarter-length jackets (remember pea jackets and car coats?)
  • zippered golf-style jackets
  • flip-flops
  • classic cotton-twill, button-down, short-sleeved shirts
  • well-fitted khaki pants
  • bright-colored shirts in stripes or bold prints
  • tinted sunglasses
  • Hawaiian shirts
  • rugby shirts
  • vintage five-pocket and boot-cut jeans

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