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In Memoriam

Mrs. Madeline Pickwick Abrahamson '30
Mr. Louis Schwartz '30
Mrs. Helen Moore Gilbert '33
Mrs. Virginia Thompson Huxtable '33
Dr. Roland E. Lapointe '33
Mrs. Amy Esersky Weiner '33
Mr. George M. Barnett '34
Mr. David W. Flagg '34
Mr. Robert W. Hoitt '34
Mrs. Pauline Roberts Johnson '34
Ms. Olive E. Rand '34
Mrs. Philida Rogers Silver '34
Mr. Albert J. Bosselait '35
Mr. Theodore F. Weaver '35
Mr. H. Beaton Marsh '36
Mr. Charles S. Tarr '36
Ms. Rachel C. Caron '37
Mrs. Marguerite Parlin Isherwood '37
Mrs. Beverly Dunbar Jones '37
Mr. Walter B. Knight, Jr. '37
Mr. Chester C. Pease, Jr. '37
Mrs. Dorothy Janvrin True '37
Dr. Dwayne T. Vier '37, '39G
Mrs. Charlotte Boothroyd Chase '38
Mr. James D. Conrad '38
Mr. Arthur S. Little, Jr. '39
Mr. Horace S. Scruton '39
Dr. Sherwood D. Tuttle '39
Mr. Wilfred K. Wilson '39, '41G
Mr. Lloyd H. Burt, Sr. '40
Mrs. Frances McCrillis Johnson '40
Mr. Gardner C. Reed '40
Mr. Linwood S. Wyman '40
Mr. A. Paul Barnett '41
Mrs. Hazel Church Bartlett '41
Mr. Leslie L. Britten '41
Mr. Clyde C. Brown '41
Mrs. Vivienne Mead Ebacher '41
Mr. Paul J. Gordon '41
Mr. Sidney H. Malkin '41
Mr. James W. Piper '41
Mrs. Edith Davis Willett '41
Mr. William A. Barnes '42
Mrs. Gertrude Jacobs
Jalbert '42 Mr. James J. Martin '42
Mrs. Gertrude Meinelt Wieland '42
Mr. Russell W. Cushing '44
Mr. Joseph D. Garrison '44
Mr. T. Paul Harrison '44
Mrs. Melba McKay McIntyre '44
Mr. Melvain Oliphant '44
Ms. V. Elaine Auderer '45
Mrs. Hazel Thacher Edelman '45
Ms. Mary Thompson Hoagland '45
Dr. Herbert S. Cline '46
Mrs. Helen Swan Cole '46
Mrs. Vasilike Belios
Pemberton '46
Mr. Joseph P. Znaidowsky '46
Mrs. Lorna Tripp Clough '48
Mr. John E. Garnsey '48
Mr. Arthur K. Hesselberg '48G
Mr. John W. Landers '48
Mr. Edward L. McDerby '48
Mrs. Eleanor Bickford Tripp '48
Dr. F. Douglas Bowles '49
Mr. George C. Brooks '49
Mr. Charles Chase '49
Mr. Henry C. Mann, Jr. '49
Mr. Ralph H. Marston, Jr. '49
Mr. Roger D. Maynard '49
Mr. Richard A. Toomey, Sr. '49
Mrs. Jean Carr Wallace '49
Mr. John G. Batchelder '50
Mr. George K. Brown '50G
Mr. Donald G. Burbank '50
Mr. Robert L. Eichel '50
Mrs. Shirley Maddocks
Hatch '50G
Mr. J. Richard Healy '50, 67G
Mr. Douglas Johnston '50
Mr. Earl P. Kelchner '50
Mr. Carl A. Lein '50
Mr. Victor W. Szalucka '50
Mr. Stanley O. Youngquist '50
Mr. Wallace B. Spencer '51
Mr. John H. Towle '51
Mr. John M. Pulsifer III '52
Mr. John L. Scott '52
Mr. Daniel P. Brown, Jr. '53
Mr. Weston D. Clement '53
Mr. Richard Schanda '54
Mrs. Beverly Eade Wyman '54
Mr. Allen F. Betz '55
Col. Charles W. Bradley, Ret. '55
Mr. Richard L. Kennedy '55
Mr. Leonard W. Smith '55
Mr. James B. Towle, Sr. '55
Mr. Donald E. Desmarais '56
Ms. Suzanne Hildebrand Gile '56
Col. Joseph A. Barry III '57
Mr. Horace C. Lyndes '57
Mr. David I. Solomon '58
Mr. Harold A. Crane, Jr. '59
Mr. Clifton L. Havener '59
Mr. Otis K. Lane '59
Ms. Judith Potter Marks '59
Mr. Donald R. Guerette '60G
Dr. Joseph L. Simon '60G, '63G
Mrs. Carolyn Colby Ellis '62
Mrs. Martha Higgon Shosa '62
Mr. Herman R. Burch '64G
Mrs. Mary Ann Nelson Smith '64
Mrs. Margaret Holbrook Best '65
Maj. Kimerlee J. Bradford, Ret. '65
Mrs. Gail Alpert Freilich '65
Mr. Harold E. Thorn '66
Ms. Donna Mayberry Greenberg '68
Mr. T. Donald MacFarlane '68
Dr. Jurgen E. Schlunk '68G
Mr. Wayne D. Ashford '70, '75G
Ms. Cornelia W. Brous '70
Mrs. Susan Sawyer Clark '70
Mr. Robert G. Hoddeson '70G
Mr. W. David Sheen '70
Ms. Jean L. Farrington '71
Mr. Kerry D. Forbes '71
Mrs. Dianne Dow McNally '72
Mrs. Lois Loiselle Cynewski '73, '79G
Ms. Audrey S. Rubenstein '73
Mrs. Jennie Forst Ballou '74
Mr. Raymond W. Leone '74, '78G
Mr. George R. MacRae '74
Ms. Jane M. Olson '74
Sister Lucille J. Cantin '75G
Mr. Anthony J. Balletta '76
Mrs. Nancy Jopp Churchill '76
Mr. Robert J. Karam '76
Mr. David C. Slanetz '76
Ms. Julie L. W. Proctor '79G
Ms. Jane E. Boissonneau '81
Ms. Maria L. Horn '81
Mr. Paul M. Roemelt '81G
Ms. Patricia F. Woodbury '81
Mr. Barry P. Cotton '84
Mrs. Laurie Porter Campbell '85
Mr. Michael S. Porter '88
Mrs. Star Montgomery Kingsbury '89
Ms. Lynn E. McGuigan '90
Ms. Shannon M. Lenfest '91
Mr. Joshua D. Russell '97
Mr. Michael S. Brennan '04
Mr. William Kutsch '05

Lewis M. Stark '29, '31G

Lewis M. Stark '29, '31G of Goffstown, N.H., died on June 28. He was 96.

Stark received a B.A. in music and an M.A. in English from UNH, and then earned a master's degree from Columbia University's School of Library Service. Until his retirement in 1972, he was the chief of the rare books division of the New York City Public Library. Stark was also an accomplished pianist and a passionate collector of early New Hampshire imprints, many of which he donated to UNH's Special Collections.

Family members include four nieces; grand-nieces and nephews; and great-grandnieces and nephews.

Kenneth R. Fowler '33

Kenneth R. Fowler '33 of Dover, N.H., died on June 14 at age 94.

A member of the Class of 1933, Fowler worked at UNH for 50 years. He retired in 1979 as the superintendent of the UNH dairy herd.

Fowler was known in the northeastern United States for his contributions to the management of dairy cattle. Survivors include his wife of 10 years, Joan Clay Fowler; sons Arnold '58, Calvin '61 and Charles Fowler ; daughters Elaine Knight '56 and Karen Wise '72; two sisters and two brothers.

Hollis L. Leland '35G

Dr. Hollis L. Leland '35G of Durham, N.H., died May 6. He was 92.

After earning a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Maine in 1933, Leland received a master's in chemistry from UNH in 1935 and a Ph.D. in thermodynamics from Ohio State University in 1937. He worked in petroleum research management for Exxon Research and Engineering Co., retiring to Durham in 1970. Leland was an active volunteer and board member in the Durham community.

Leland is survived by his wife of 67 years, Rosamond Emerson Leland '37; five children, David Leland, Dale Eichorn '64, Jean Reid '65, Diane Newick '66 and John Leland; 12 grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; one niece and three nephews.

A. T. "Jim" Hatch '40

A.T. "Jim" Hatch '40 of Dover, N.H., died June 8 at the age of 87.

While at UNH, Hatch earned a B.A. in elementary education and was captain of the basketball team and president of his class. He taught and coached at Troy (N.H.) High School, moving to Keene in 1942. He served in the U. S. Navy during World War II. In1948, he began a career in life insurance, retiring in 1981.

Hatch served as president of the UNH 100 Club and the Alumni Association's board, and was a member of the Board of Trustees. He received the UNH Alumni Meritorious Award and Profile of Service Award, and was inducted into the UNH Hall of Fame in 1994.

Survivors include his wife of 64 years, Julie; daughters Priscilla Jones, Jane Hatch Preston '73 and Judith Orme; six grandchildren and two great-granddaughters.

Ruth G. Stimson '40, '44G

Ruth G. Stimson '40, '44G of Hampton, N.H., died July 14. She was 84.

Stimson earned a B.S. in family and consumer studies and a master's in elementary education at UNH. Shortly after graduation, she began a long career with the UNH Cooperative Extension Service, retiring in 1982 with the title of UNH Extension Educator Emerita.

A longtime class secretary and supporter of UNH, Stimson received the U.S.D.A. Superior Service Award in 1978. A park in Rye, N.H., was named in her honor. She leaves no immediate family but many devoted friends.

John Lawrence "Skip" Scott '52

John Lawrence "Skip" Scott '52 of Peterborough, N.H., died on April 14. He was 73.

After graduating from UNH, Scott served in the Air Force and then became radio program director of WHEN in Syracuse, N.Y., beginning a 55-year broadcasting career. Under his direction, helicopter traffic reports were first delivered from the air. In 1972, Scott moved to Peterborough, N.H., and became a familiar voice on WSCV-AM radio and later on WSLE-FM. In 1976, he joined Yankee magazine, and became an on-air personality known as "The Yankee Traveler" on WBZ-TV.

He is survived by wife Phyllis Sanderson Scott '52, daughters Laurie Scott and Elaine Haber, son Steven Scott and six grandchildren.

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