Letters to the Editor

Crossing the Street

Thank you for the Spring 2007 edition. Commencement 2007 sounded like it was a life-changing event for many. It was wonderful to see our two former presidents working together for the common good. The cut line, "Be careful crossing the street," is now posted on my refrigerator. I wish I'd heard it in person. Thanks for passing it along.

Women Pilots Unite

It is always such a delight when you run across an article about a "99" in an unexpected place. On Page 45 of the Spring issue there was a nice feature about Jeanette Gagnon Goodrum '41. Jeanette joined the WASP in 1943. She flew AT-6, AT-9 and AT-11 planes. Jeanette is now a member of the Northwest Section of the Ninety-Nines. Jeanette, for your positive exposure of women pilots, you are our Air Queen of the Day! Alameda, Calif.

Lovely Lilacs

Thank you for the profile of Owen Rogers and his lovely lilacs. I had the pleasure of studying with Dr. Rogers as well as working for him in what was then called the Department of Plant Science in Nesmith Hall. He was a passionate and enthusiastic teacher and the world's best boss. A fairer, kinder, more benevolent individual has never graced the halls of UNH. When I supervised employees in the years that followed, I tried to base my approach on his example. All these years later, he is still my hero.

I was delighted with the article "Heart-Leaves of Lilac." However, Agnes Smith, for whom the "most remembered" of Owen Roger's lilacs was named, was not identified. I believe she was a founder of the N.H. Federation of Garden Clubs and was active in having the lilac designated as the state flower. She was my grandmother. Other alumni relatives include her son-in-law, R.C.S. Harding '41, her grandson, Richard Harding Jr. '70, and my husband, George Colby '67.

Thank you for the terrific article on Dr. Owen Rogers. Dr. Rogers was on my thesis committee when I earned my Ph.D. at UNH in 1968, almost 40 (gasp!) years ago. I would like to contact him again. Do you have an e-mail address for him?

Editor's note: Readers may write Owen Rogers c/o Plant Biology Department, Spaulding Life Science Center, Durham, N.H. 03824.

CD Surprise

I initiated the use of the CD player in my '04 Taurus recently by inserting the "Passages" disc I received a few months ago. What a listening delight. Number 13, "Everyday Hero," has become a favorite. I do not recall who or what sent this surprise, but I want to send thanks for this great musical performance from our alma mater.

Editor's note: The free CD of music performed by UNH students and faculty members was a companion to the Winter 2007 issue's article on the Music Department. It was underwritten in part by David L. King '78. A few CDs are still available: call (800) 891-1995 or write "Music CD," Elliott Alumni Center, 9 Edgewood Rd., Durham, NH 03824, or e-mail alumni@unh.edu.

Correction: Several readers let us know that a caption on Page 26 of the Spring 2007 issue misidentified the gentleman talking to Jackie MacMullan '82. It was Johnny Pesky, not Butch Hobson. Our apologies for the error.