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In Memoriam

Mr. Arthur L. Penniman '24
Mrs. Mary Regan Davis '25
Mrs. Helen Webster Brown '26
Mr. Stanley L. King '26
Mrs. Bessie Fogg Bradley '28
Mrs. Hazel Eastman Chellis '28
Mrs. Alice Fitch Melendy '28
Mr. Earl C. Appleby '29
Ms. Lillian E. Ekstrom '29
Mr. Robert J. Starke '29
Ms. Rose F. Carvill '31
Mrs. Ruth Davis Corson '31
Mrs. Eleanor Brennan Tinker '31
Mrs. Mary McNutt Harris '32
Ms. Jennie Bujnievicz '33
Mr. Vernon A. Schnare '33
Mr. Herman S. Marston '34
Mrs. Violet Bell Armstrong '35
Mrs. Caroline Smith Oakes '35
Miss Eleanor K. Arkell '36
Mrs. Mildred Peterson Giambalvo '36
Mr. Frederick W. Michael '36
Mr. Raymond D. Crawford '37
Colonel Hobart B. Pillsbury '37
Lt. Col. Winston F. Caldwell, Ret. '38
Mr. Herbert E. Duffill '38
Dr. John H. Van Dyke, Sr. '38
Mr. Harry Gelt '39
Mrs. Doris Leclair Hogan '39
Mr. Merrill P. Moore '39
Colonel Peter L. Urban, Ret. '39
Mr. Franklin A. Ayer '40
Dr. Thomas E. Chretien, M.D. '40
Mrs. Marjorie Freedman Dane '40
Mr. Burton I. Mitchell '40
Mr. James H. O'Connell '40
Mrs. Louise Pulsifer Platts '40
Dr. George W. Brooks '41
Mr. Edward H. Burtt '41
Mr. Andrew D. Fraser '41
Mr. Paul Jacobs '41
Mr. Robert B. Nolan '41
Dr. Walter S. Benson '43
Mr. Frederick W. Carr '43
Mr. Rolland R. Gove, Jr. '43
Mr. Wilfred M. Silvia '43
Mrs. Helena Dobek Swanson '43
Mrs. Martine Merriam Banister '44
Mrs. Shirley Laighton Kinerson '44
Mrs. Margherita Derochemont Mazeau '44
Mrs. Atherlene Dickinson Nicholson '44
Mrs. Helen Pearce Padham '44
Mrs. Carol Lattin Papeman '44H
Mr. Warren H. Papeman '44
Mrs. Mary Manning Smith '44
Mr. Quentin O. Theroux '44
Mr. Warren F. French '45
Mrs. Marion Brown Hartigan '45
Ms. Elaine Stiller Snyder '45
Dr. Paul A. Marrotte '47
Mr. Peter Moorenovich '47
Mr. Ralph E. Parsons '47
Mr. Ronald E. Towne '47
Mr. Milton Bloomfield '48
Mrs. Elizabeth Little Lindsay '48
Mrs. Ramona Cabrera Webber '48
Dr. Robert N. Desmarais '49
Mr. George R. Lange '49
Mr. Richard C. Smith '49
Mr. Joseph A. Bassett '50
Mr. Marshall G. Carbee '50
Mr. Richard W. Colburn '50
Mr. O'Neil P. Richey '50
Prof. Earl P. Wadsworth, Jr. '50
Mr. Frederick W. Powers, Jr. '51
Dr. John W. Anderson '52
Mr. James C. Devolites '52
Mr. Sumner A. Dole, Jr. '52
Mr. Louis J. Kachavos '52
Mr. Melvyn P. Rinfret '52
Mr. Colby G. Beecher '54
Mrs. Dorothy Ramsey Brownell '54
Mr. Harold H. Campbell '54
Mr. John C. Driscoll, Sr. '54
Mr. Turo L. Hallfors '54
Mr. George T. Hannon-Quamphegan '54
Mr. Paul R. Oeser '54
Mr. John P. Lassen '55
Ms. Vera Slipp '56
Mr. Ronald L. Beauchemin '57
Dr. William H. Feaster '58
Mr. Richard A. Hull '58
Mr. Thomas G. Duffett, Jr. '60
Mr. Douglas L. Brown '61
Mrs. Agnes Locke Griem '61
Mr. Raymond R. Rankins '61
Mr. Thomas J. McAdam '63
Mrs. Ivy Nesson Ogg '63
Major Donald K. Law '64
Ms. Bonnie E. Shand '64
Dr. Joseph De Simone '65
Ms. Carolyn Brown Donle '67
Mr. Bruce E. Chase '68
Mrs. Lillian Morin Constantine '69
Mr. James C. Katsekas '70
Mrs. Crystal Goddard Wolfe '70
Mrs. Aileen Carpenter MacFarlane '71
Mr. Ronald C. Ricker '71
Mrs. Constance Elder Stimac '72
Mr. Milton D. Romrell, Jr. '73
Mr. John J. Creamer '74
Mr. Roger B. Porosky '74
Mr. Arthur H. Streeter '74
Ms. Kathryn Preston Kirkpatrick '75
Mr. John S. Amidon '76
Mr. Nicholas C. Houpis '77
Mrs. Melissa Burns O'Neil '79
Lt. JG Clifford S. Linder '81
Mr. David R. Desmarais '82
Mr. Robin A. Weeks '84
Mrs. Joyce Jankun Ahmed '85
Mr. John A. Beardsley '88
Mr. John T. Bruder '89
Ms. Veronica R. Sabatinelli '93
Ms. Cary L. Doucette '02

Charles R. Dawson '33, '35G, '53H

Charles R. Dawson, a noted chemist and Columbia University professor emeritus, died April 28, 1999, at age 88.

Dawson earned bachelor's and master's degrees in chemistry from UNH and a Ph.D. in chemistry from Columbia University. He taught chemistry at Columbia from 1939 until his retirement in 1979. During his tenure, he taught organic chemistry to more than 10,000 undergraduates, was awarded both of the university's teaching awards, and published 120 scientific papers.

A leading researcher in the biochemistry of copper enzymes and the structure and allergenic properties of poison ivy, Dawson supervised more than 100 doctoral and post-doctoral researchers in his laboratory. He earned honorary doctor of science degrees from UNH in 1953 and from Columbia University in 1988, at which time he was cited as one of the school's greatest teachers.

He is survived by his wife, Dorothea Lockard Dawson '39; a daughter, Patricia Runner, a son, John Dawson, seven grandchildren, and a sister and brother.

Phillip S. Dunlap '40

Phillip S. Dunlap, a former University System of New Hampshire trustee and acting chancellor, died July 16, 1999, at age 80.

Dunlap, who earned a B.S. in administration at UNH, co-founded Dunlap-Johnson, an automobile dealership, in 1947. In 1953, he joined Morrill and Everett, a Concord, N.H., insurance agency, as a partner and vice president. Dunlap also sold commercial real estate in the Concord area.

A political activist, Dunlap was a delegate to the 1956 Republican national convention, and was elected to three terms in the state Senate, serving as president in 1963-64.

Appointed to serve on the board of trustees of the University System, Dunlap was chairman from 1973 to 1978. He also served as acting chancellor for one year.

Dunlap was an active alumnus, who was a member of the UNH Alumni Association board of directors and the UNH Centennial Fund Drive, and who testified often on the University's behalf before the state Legislature. He was presented with the Alumni Meritorious Service Award in 1972.

Dunlap is survived by his wife, Shirley Holmes Dunlap; sons William, Robert and John Dunlap; a daughter, Ann LeBourdais; and seven grandchildren.

Selma Bacon Simon '42

Selma Bacon Simon, a devoted UNH alumna, died on June 17, 1999.

Simon, who earned a B.A. in political science, was an active volunteer, serving as a member of the Alumni Association's board of directors; as president of the Class of 1942; as president and one of the founders of the North Shore, Mass., alumni chapter; and as chair of her 15th, 20th, 30th, and 35th class reunions. She was also a class agent, a member of the 100 Club and the Ben Thompson Club, as well as a member of numerous alumni committees.

Over the years, Simon also served as eastern Massachusetts chair of the Memorial Union Building Fund and as a member of the New England Center Campaign and the UNH Centennial Fund Committee. In 1956, the Alumni Association presented Simon with the Alumni Meritorious Service Award.

She is survived by two daughters, Henri-Ann Simon Sussman '64 and Jane Simon Stricker '70, '42H, and five grandchildren.

Russell L.Valentine

Valjeane M. Olenn '84G died Oct. 14, 1999. She was 59.

Valentine graduated from Wentworth Institute, Michigan State College and Purdue University. He was an officer in the U.S. Navy from 1944 to 1946, and served as a ship's engineer with the Merchant Marine until 1949.

A licensed professional engineer, Valentine taught mechanical engineering at UNH for 38 years, serving as department chair from 1981 to 1985. For many years, he was an industrial consultant on incidents of accidental fire and gas explosions.

He is survived by his wife, Catherine Corstvet Valentine; sons James, Mark and Peter Valentine; daughters Janet Hook and Carol MacEwen; 11 grandchildren, two sisters and a brother. ~

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