Don't Cast Off Without a Paddle

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UNH has the biggest Undergraduate Research Conference of its kind in the nation: At the 13th annual conference in April, more than 1,000 students participated. Here are a few of their stories.

Undergrad research

How do you collect methane samples on a windy Swedish lake?

Jacqueline Amante ’12, environmental science: ecosystems major, right, with Ruth Varner ‘93G, ‘00G, research associate professor, Earth Systems Research Center

“She collected data from dawn to dusk despite vast, droning clouds of mosquitoes and another run-in with a boat—this time trying to overcome the challenge of rowing with precision up to an underwater methane sensor to withdraw gas samples by syringe.” Read more

Undergrad research

A prima donna or an obsessive worrier: Which is more difficult to manage?

Choe Shannon ’12, psychology major, left, with Paul Harvey, assistant professor of management

“To garner clues about personality traits, she asked the respondents to rate how they felt about certain statements, such as: If I were on a sinking ship, I would deserve to be on the first lifeboat. I demand the best because I’m worth it. I can’t stop thinking about how I was wronged by this person.” Read more

Undergrad research

Can an army of teachers s replace an army of soldiers?

Keper Connell ’12, Spanish and international affairs major, left, with Mary Malone, assistant professor, political science

“When Costa Rica abolished its military in 1949 they took all of that money that is normally spent on defense and channeled to investing in human capital... Most of Costa Rica has drinkable water in a region where that is an oxymoron. The people take great pride in their country and believe in the system.” Read more

Undergrad research

Can exercises devised for astronauts in space help rehab patients?

Dina Milano ’13, right, exercise science major, with grad student Alyssa Mazzela and Summer Cook, assistant professor, exercise science

“The study involved a unique strength training technique: strapping an inflated blood pressure cuff around the exercising limb.The cuff intensifies the exercise. To mimic the weightlessness astronauts experience in space, Cook placed students on crutches for a month.” Read more

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