Alumni Profiles

Finding Her Way Mary Ann Wheeler Franklin '42
  faced some challenges at UNH
Fighting for Kids M.-A. Lucas '64 transformed
  child care in the miltary
Phone Bills John Beane '84 transforms
  trash into cash
News Rush Meet Jack Gray '02, new author
  and producer for Anderson Cooper
Award Ceremony Mark Huddleston with alumni at the
  Horatio Alger Award Ceremony
Quest for Freedom John '70 and Diane '70 Foley
  fight to free their son James
Wabi-Sabi Catherine Nash '80 is inspired
  by a Japenese aesthetic art
Wise Words Lt. Gen. Mary Legere '82 gives a
  final send-off to the class of 2013
Pier Group Three alums in television
  discover their UNH connection
MOS DEF A night in Boston for UNH's
  group for men of color
True Champion Evan Welsh '06 discovers the
  largest oak tree in the U.S.
Syrup Surprise David Moore '10 gets his start in
  producing birch syrup while at UNH