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In 1973, when this photo was taken, Transcendental Meditation was popular on campus, but what these students were practicing, as well as their names, has been lost. Email if you can fill in the blanks. We'll run the information in the next issue.

Editor's update: Jeffrey Baruc '75 writes that the Kundalini Yoga teacher wearing a turban is Savak Singh. Carol Waldman (class year unknown) is sitting to his right. With beards on the left are Jeffrey himself and Robert Baruc '74.

Roberta Stack '75 writes that the photo is "showing students doing Kundalini Yoga. The man with the turban was the teacher from the Ashram in Dover. His name was Sevak Singh Khalsa. I recognize the students' faces, but don't remember their names. I also took these classes, which were usually held at the MUB at 7 am. Great photo! And fond memories!"

Lisa Holmes '81 sends in the following note: "The people on page 42 in the fall issue of the UNH Magazine are practicing Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, PhD. The telltale signs are that the leader is dressed in white and has his head covered in a style that gives an adjustment to the area of intuition."

Deborah Winter '72G, '74G writes: "I recognize the fellow in the tee shirt facing the camera, Roger (I think the last name is Smith). He was a philosophy major and worked in Conant Hall as a secretary in 1973-1974."

See also a larger version of the photo

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