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Dreams Begin Here

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Visitors to Durham often remark on what a beautiful campus we have, especially as the leaves turn and UNH becomes a beehive of activity. I love the fall season here, too, but what I really see as I walk to work these days is hope.

I see the dreams and aspirations embodied in our students, and their potential to make New Hampshire and the world a better place.

At the busy intersection of Main Street and Garrison Avenue, I look at their faces and wonder who will be the next Alex Freid ’13. Alex, a political science and philosophy major from neighboring Lee, N.H., is the co-founder of Trash 2 Treasure, a student-run program that collects “trash” from students moving out of housing in the spring and then resells it in the fall to incoming students. The program, which reduces the university’s impact on landfills and saves students and their families some of their move-in expenses, netted $20,000, a profit that the organizers plan to use to introduce Trash 2 Treasure at other universities. The program also earned Alex a scholarship from the Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation for students committed to environmental careers.

I wonder who will emerge as the next Megan Wengrove ’10, ’12G. Megan came to UNH from Arvada, Colo., to study civil engineering. As a junior, she received a grant from the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research to conduct stormwater research in Puerto Rico. She published her findings last year in the scientific journal Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. This year, she joins Jason Gilmore ’11, ’12G, an education major, on the university’s growing roster of Fulbright Scholarship winners.

Students such as these—and there are many more who will distinguish themselves in the coming years—show that when we say UNH is educating the next generation’s leaders, we’re not exaggerating.

This is our mission, and it’s worth the investments made by our students and their families, by our alumni, and by the larger community. And if a recent survey of students, parents and alumni—conducted under the leadership of Andy Beaupre ’75—is any indication, most people who know UNH and New Hampshire think so as well.

I am proud to report that when we spread the word that UNH needed more private support last year, our alumni and friends stepped up, giving UNH one of its best fundraising years ever, exceeding our $20 million goal with a total of $22.5 million. This represents a vote of confidence from more than 19,000 individuals. It shows us that you believe in students such as Alex and Megan and want to ensure that the students who follow in their footsteps have the same opportunities.

In these times, advancing the dreams and the potential of our students requires advocacy on a large scale. This fall, the university has recommended to the New Hampshire Legislature a full restoration of state support in exchange for keeping tuition costs constant for in-state students for the two years of the state budget. You can help with this effort by signing up to become a UNH advocate at

Your support will help protect UNH’s future. ~

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