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In Memoriam

Col. Raymond F. Gunn, Ret. '24, '38G
Mr. A. Parker Twombly '25
Mrs. Vivian Landman Crockett '26
Mrs. Marion Goodwin Stanley '28
Mrs. Elizabeth Child Hoyt '29
Mrs. Josephine Martin
Steinmetz '29, '30G
Mr. Frederick G. Briggs '30
Mrs. Isabel Gerrish Broker '30
Mrs. S. Lenore McNamara Simpkins '30
Lt. Col. Edmond J. Vachon, Ret. '30
Mrs. Dorothea Sinclair Coles '31
Mrs. Mildred Jackson Lord '31
Mr. Ralph M. Miller '31
Mr. Elmer M. Wheeler '31
Mr. Alphonse J. Marchand '32
Mr. Joseph Schwartz '32
Mrs. Naomi Williams Thomas '33
Mrs. Constance Danforth Darrach '34
Mrs. Laura Stocker MacLean '34
Mrs. Ruth Towle Dingwall '35
Mr. Frederick S. Hall '35
Mr. Kenneth J. Reardon '35
Mrs. Bernice Whitehead Sjostrom '35
Lt. Col. William Lucinski '36
Mr. Kenneth S. Platts '36
Ms. Helen P. Seaward '36
Mr. Robert F. Stevens '36
Mr. George H. Sumner '36
Mr. Albert M. Wilcox Jr. '36
Mr. Donald A. Annett '37
Mrs. Mary Theberge Cheney '37
Mr. Daniel C. Hill '37
Mr. Augustin T. McDonough '37
Ms. M. Jacqueline Dondero
Mitchener '37
Mr. Donald V. Pierce '37
Mr. Michael J. Rozamus '37
Col. Howard A. Geddis, Ret. '38, '62G
Mrs. Martha Farris Grierson '39
Dr. Arvo J. Jamback '39
Mr. David C. Kerr '39
Mr. Kenneth R. King '39
Mr. Louis Levy '39
Mr. George P. Sullivan '39
Dr. John R. Thompson '39
Dr. Ernest Jawetz '40
Mr. Lawrence J. Stewart '40
Mrs. Nettie Jones Dunbar '41
Col. Robert B. Knox, Ret. '41
Mr. Steven L. Lampson '41
Mr. Fred B. Bowles '42
Mr. Theodore Bradley '42
Col. Robert E. Wood, Ret. '42, '48G
Mr. William J. Driscoll '43
Mrs. Virginia Woodward Morton '43
Mr. Calvin T. Cunningham '44
Mrs. Miriam Johnson-Leonard '44
Mrs. Marjorie Head Jones '44
Mr. James P. Collins '45
Mr. Kenneth R. Olson '45
Mr. Raymond C. Magrath Jr. '46
Mr. Richard P. Abell '47, '51G
Mrs. Barbara Vogt Clancy '47
Mrs. Frances Moses Ludowieg '47
Mr. Jack M. Roberts '47
Mr. George H. Silberberg '47
Dr. Harold L. Chason '48
Mr. Norman J. Currier '48
Mr. Lawrence C. Swenson '48
Mr. Richard E. Wing '48, '50G
Mr. Thomas J. Clohesy '49
Mr. Alton H. Cole '49
Dr. John W. Day '49
Ms. Florence E. Flint '49
Mrs. Shirley Jones Greene '49
Mr. John J. Howker '49
Mrs. Corinne Gagne Messina '49
Dr. Fred S. Silander '49, '52G
Mr. David E. Strater '49
Mr. Oscar J. Turmelle Jr. '49
Mr. Russell C. Goodwin '50
Mr. Walter F. Kucharski '50
Mr. Robert B. Regan '50
Mr. Albert W. Scribner '50
Mrs. Marjorie Equi Ford '51
Mr. Richard M. Philbin '51
Mrs. Louise Pitman Wiethaup '51
Mr. Edward H. Chadbourne '52
Mr. Clare B. Mitchell '52
Mrs. Ina Phillips Perkins '52
Mr. Gerald B. Cole '53
Mr. Raymond E. Matheson '53, '62G
Mr. Robert F. McAdam '53
Mr. Robert E. Lindholm '55
Mr. Raymond C. Cloutier '56
Mr. Franklyn T. Danehy '56
Mr. George E. Wood '56
Ms. Joy M. Dokos '57
Mr. Donald W. Fogg '57
Mr. Real P. Frechette '57
Mr. Robert S. Blackmar '58
Mr. Armand R. Laliberte '59
Mr. Arthur J. Rousseau '59
Mr. Rodney G. Brock '61
Dr. John E. Foret '62, '63G
Dr. Mahlon G. Kelly '62
Mrs. Wilma Carll Rollins '62
Mr. Robert J. Lahann '63
Mr. Eugene F. O'Brien Jr. '64
Mr. Mark G. Mosconas '66
Mr. Melvin R. Smith '66
Mrs. Jeanne Fiset Conley '67
Mr. Paul W. Smith '67
Mr. Elias A. McQuaid Jr. '71
Mr. Albert J. Neville '75
Mr. C. Jaime James Jr. '76, '96G
Mrs. Vanessa Shepherd Petrie '78
Mr. Jonathan B. Golden '79
Mrs. Susan Herskovitz Fereshetian '82
Mr. Todd A. Irvine '82
Mrs. Amy Monchamp Huckins '84
Ms. Lucinda J. McKee '86
Ms. Gloria J. Jordan '88
Mr. Bremen J. Anderson '89
Mr. Gary N. Lauten '89, '91G
Mr. Roland R. Bisson '90
Mr. Steven T. Prescott '90
Mr. Bryan C. Martineau '91
Mr. Gregory M. Bailey '95
Mrs. Irene Harvey Stivers '95
Ms. Angela D. Daigle '96
Ms. Erma H. Bauer '98
Ms. Tina C. True '03
Mr. John P. Fallon '05

Eldon Lee Johnson
Eldon Johnson, who served UNH as president from 1955 to 1962, died on March 24 in Urbana, Ill. He was 93.

Johnson oversaw significant growth at UNH, including the construction of eight major buildings. He and the UNH Board of Trustees received the first Alexander Miekeljohn Award granted by the American Association of University Professors for defense of academic freedom. Johnson Theatre was named in his honor.

He was predeceased by his wife, Lois. He is survived by two daughters, Suzanne Peterson and Judith French; four grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Eleanor S. Harrington '30, '31G
Eleanor Sheehan Harrington '30, '31G died Feb.19. She was a biologist who developed mosquito control systems implemented throughout Florida.

Harrington earned bachelor's and master's degrees in zoology at UNH. She married the late Robert Harrington in 1954. They worked as research biologists at the Florida Entomologist Laboratory.

Malcolm J. Chase Sr. '32
Malcolm J. Chase Sr. '32, an engineer who designed highways in New Hampshire and a longtime Durham, N.H., selectman, died Feb. 18. He was 90.

Chase graduated from UNH in 1932 with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. He served in the Army during World War II, retiring from the Army Reserve in 1960.

He spent much of his career at the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, where he was responsible for new highways in the state, including Interstates 95 and 89. He founded the engineering firm Kimball Chase Company in 1980.

In 1988, Chase was inducted into the UNH 100 Club Hall of Fame. He excelled in baseball, track and speed skating.

He is survived by his wife of 66 years, Charlotte E. Boothroyd Chase '38; two sons, David J. Chase '58 and Malcolm Jerome Chase Jr.; six grandchildren, including Susan Chase '84; and five great-grandchildren.

Austin J. McCaffrey '36, '40G
Former New Hampshire Commissioner of Education and school superintendent Austin McCaffrey '36, '40G died Feb. 1. He was 86.

He earned bachelor's and master's degrees in education at UNH in 1936 and 1940, respectively, and a doctorate at Harvard in 1953. He taught in several New Hampshire communities and served as superintendent of schools in Groveton, Somersworth and Manchester. He was also executive director of American Textbook Publishers Institute for 20 years.

He is survived by his wife, Kitty McCaffrey; four sons, Timothy McCaffrey, Michael McCaffrey, Kevin McCaffrey '71 and Shane McCaffrey; seven grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

Phillip J. Sawyer '40, '49G
Phillip John Sawyer '40, '49G, noted aquaculture pioneer, died on Dec. 22. He was 83. Sawyer earned a bachelor's degree in forestry and a master's in zoology at UNH. He received a doctorate in zoology from the University of Michigan in 1952, then returned to UNH to teach, retiring in 1982.

In 1981, Sawyer became one of the founders of Sea Run Holdings Inc., an aquaculture-biotechnology company.

He is survived by his wife of 27 years, Evelyn Snodgrass Sawyer '72G, '74G; a grandson, Elijah V. O'Dell; three stepchildren, Dale A. Stair, Lee F. Adams and Ellis C. Adams '81.

John Wilman Day '47G

John Wilman Day '47G, former University System of New Hampshire (USNH) trustee and Keene, N.H., superintendent, died March 6 in Florida. He was 88.

Day earned a bachelor's degree in business education from Plymouth State College, a master's degree in education from UNH and a doctorate in school administration from Boston University. In 1974, he received an honorary degree from USNH for his educational leadership.

Day's career in education spanned 30 years as teacher, coach, principal, superintendent and consultant. He was instrumental in the development of a vocational center at Keene High School. He also served two terms on the USNH Board of Trustees.

Survivors include his wife, Helen Hurd Day; four children, Richard J. Day, Robert W. Day, James T. Day and Patricia D. Roux '65; three siblings; eight grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren. ~

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