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In Memoriam

Mrs. Elsie King Emery '18
Col. Peter J. Agrafiotis Ret. '29
Mrs. Ruth Phelps Mitchell '29
Ms. Anna Kivimaki '30
Ms. Anna H. Kushious '30
Mrs. Emeline Webster Lufkin '30
Mr. Wayne L. Blount '31
Mr. Paul D. Emery '31
Mr. Clayton D. Sargent '31
Mr. Joseph T. Brown '32
Mrs. Helen Cuzner Detweiler '33
Mr. Edward J. Hanna Jr. '33
Mr. Donald R. Harrington '33
Mr. Clyde K. Blackwell '34
Dr. Leandre R. Charest '34
Mr. Lewis W. Crowell '34
Mr. William M. Abbott '35
Mrs. Ruth Weston Ballou '35
Mrs. Abbie Ford Hodges '35
Mr. George H. Joseph '35
Mr. Maurice C. Pike Jr. '35
Mrs. Martha Stevens Allen '36
Mr. Robert H. Filion '36
Mr. Everett R. Munson '36
Lt. Col. Don Osvold Curri '37
Mr. Wendell Hawkins '37
Mrs. Marie Cassily Mechura '37
Mrs. Dorothy Beckett Dalton '39
Mr. Thomas P. Fairweather '39
Mrs. Augusta Timberlake Power '39
Comdr. Donald C. Tabb '39
Mr. Philip Weisberg '39
Mr. Charles H. Betz Jr. '40
Mrs. Priscilla Emery Bissell '40
Mr. Robert P. Knowlton '40
Mr. Sidney W. McCartney '40
Mr. Louis J. Israel '41
Mrs. Edythe Kenney Powers '42
Mrs. Shirley Clark Archibald '43
Mrs. Helen Cassily Bruen '43
Mr. Ralph E. Harkinson Jr. '43
Mrs. Audrey Pierce Harris '43
Mr. Henry C. Hills '43
Mr. James G. Jenkins '43
Mr. Robert M. Morris '43
Mr. Gordon W. Sleeper '45
Mr. Robert B. Vancore '45
Dr. Nicholas H. Bentas '46
Mr. Walton W. Chadwick '46
Mr. John S. Weeden '46
Mr. Ervin F. Doyle '47
Mrs. Elsie Rasmussen Cotton '48
The Hon. Martin Feuerstein '48
Mr. Richard H. Leggett '48
Mrs. Edith York Allen '49
Mr. Richard M. Connor '49
Mrs. Cecile Lamontagne Huggins '49
Mr. William T. Jordan Jr. '50
Mr. Steven Morang '50
Dr. Leo F. Redfern '50
Mr. Spencer E. Robinson '50
Mr. Millard P. Nute '51
Col. Maurice Buttrick Ret. '52
Lt. Col. Paul H. Crandall '52
Mr. Charles J. Dunn '52
Mr. Robert W. Ford '52
Ms. Hilda Smith McNally '52
Mr. Donald G. Miosky '52
Mrs. Nancy Graham Rich '52
Mr. Robert J. Sprague '52
Mr. John P. Uscilka '52
Mr. Harold A. Wheeler '53
Mr. Herbert G. Huckins '54
Mr. Donald S. MacLeod '54
Mrs. Marcia Rosenquist Miosky '54
Mr. Robert G. Nuttle '54
Mr. Arthur E. Moody '55
Mr. Daryl S. Flinn '58
Dr. Duncan B. Gilchrist '58
Mr. James L. Makris '58
Mrs. Patricia Belletete McCusker '58
Mr. Joseph P. Scungio '58
Mr. Robert A. Baird '59
Mr. John M. Knight '59
Mr. Basil S. Liamos '60
Mr. Roger W. Magenau '61
Ms. Ann E. Rolfe '62
Dr. Arthur J. West II '62
Ms. Karen A. Littlefield '63
Dr. David R. MacKenzie '64
Mrs. Charlotte Jacob Dodds '65
Mrs. Mary Smyth Thomas '65
Mr. Paul P. Morrissey '66
Mr. Edward J. Obdens '67
Mr. Dan H. Sanders '69
Mr. Peter A. Stoutenburg '70
Ms. Jennifer Weeks '70
Mr. Dennis E. Boucher '72
Mrs. Kathryn Jones Meehan '72
Mr. David N. Stone Jr. '72
Mr. Richard H. Martin '73
Mr. Henri J. Richard '73
Mr. Ronald M. Abad '74
Ms. Marie E. Donovan '75
Mr. Gerald T. Hotaling '75
Ms. Nancy H. Kong '75
Mr. Ronald J. McNeil '75
Mr. Craig M. Smith '75
Mr. Charles F. Baron Jr. '76
Mrs. Ann Mason-Osann '77
Mrs. Marilyn Bacon Wilderson '77
Mr. Anthony J. Mosca Jr. '78
Mrs. Debra Roy Reichlin '82
Mr. Donald F. Cormier '83
Mr. Sheldon R. Damon '85
Ms. Margaret A. Egolf '86
Mr. David G. Vlasich '86
Mrs. Judith DelVal March '90
Ms. Lorraine M. Fogarty '93
Mrs. SueAnn Watkins Drelick '98

Leslie S. Hubbard '27
Leslie Stoddard Hubbard '27, leader in poultry breeding, philanthropist and environmentalist, died on Nov. 26. He was 98.

A native of Walpole, N.H., Hubbard graduated from UNH in 1927 with a B.S. in mechanical engineering.

Upon joining the family business in 1936, Hubbard organized and managed operations for the Lancaster, Pa., branch of Hubbard Farms. In 1969 he retired as vice president in charge of sales and international operations. He, his father and brothers built the business into an internationally recognized leader in poultry genetics research.

Hubbard received many awards, including an honorary doctorate of science from UNH and the Alumni Association's Pettee Medal. Over the years, Hubbard donated millions of dollars to establish science programs at UNH.

He is survived by son John and many nieces and nephews. His wife, Iola, two daughters, Priscilla and Marcia, and two brothers, Oliver '21 and Austin '25, predeceased him.

Robert G. Webster '26, '30G
Robert G. Webster '26, '30G, professor emeritus of English, died on Aug. 26. He was 99 and a resident of Durham and Kennebunkport, Maine.

A UNH professor for 40 years, Webster specialized in American literature and remedial reading. His book A College Developmental Reading Manual became a leading textbook for remedial reading. Webster also had a radio show on WMUR, broadcasting farm news. He and his late wife, Isabel "Polly" Stevens '30, ran an antique shop at their summer home in Kennebunkport for 20 years.

He is survived by a daughter, Dudley Webster Dudley '59; a son, Robert Gideon Webster '62, '63G; a son-in-law, Thomas Minot Dudley; four grandchildren, Morgan Webster Dudley, Rebecca Minot Dudley '85, Nathan Stevens Webster '95 and Mark Robert Webster; and a great-granddaughter, Lauren Dudley Hallett.

William Rosenberg
Dunkin' Donuts founder and UNH benefactor William Rosenberg died on Sept. 20. He was 86. In addition to Rosenberg's entrepreneurial accomplishments and pioneering work in franchising, he was a leader in the Standardbred horse industry. In 1980 he donated Wilrose Farms, his horse breeding complex in East Kingston, N.H., to UNH. UNH sold the farm and dedicated the William Rosenberg Chair in Franchising and Entrepreneurship in 1994. Last fall UNH established the William Rosenberg International Center for Franchising.

Rosenberg is survived by wife Ann, four children, nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Donald F. Harley
Donald F. Harley, founder and past-treasurer of the UNH Student Activity Fee Council, died on Sept. 25.

He was 66 and resided in Dover, N.H. He was a mentor to generations of UNH student leaders. A scholarship has been established in his name and will be awarded to a UNH student interested in leadership.

He is survived by his wife of 30 years, Jean; a stepson, Kenneth Moore; a brother, Edward Harley; and nieces and nephews.

C. Richard Morgan '41, '43G
C. Richard Morgan '41, '43G of Manchester-by-the Sea, Mass., died on Nov. 3. He was 85.

Morgan earned a B.S. and an M.S. at UNH, followed by a Ph.D. at Cornell University. He was a retired account executive with Arthur D. Little Inc. His career included research and teaching appointments at Purdue, Yale and Illinois universities.

Morgan was an active alumnus, serving as class president and reunion gift chair. He was also a member of the Executive Committee, President's Council and the UNH 100 Club. He was a recipient of the Alumni Meritorious Service Award. He is survived by wife Julia, daughter Abigail Morgan Moreau '74 and son Richard Morgan '78.

Warren S. Park Jr. '62G
Warren S. Park Jr. died on Sept. 7. He was 77 and a former resident of Baltimore, Md.

Park earned an undergraduate degree from Ohio State University and a master's in education from UNH. In 1966 he joined Maryland Public Television as its first director of programming and operations. During his 20 years with the station, he developed "Wall Street Week," "The Critics' Place" and "Consumer Survival Kit." He was interested in local history and restoration of historic properties, and he was involved in the designation of the Fells Point section of Baltimore on the National Register of Historic Places.

In 1986 he moved to Portsmouth, N.H., where he restored a home and worked in educational television at UNH.

He is survived by his wife of 53 years, the former Dalla Cressor '62G; a daughter, Kate Park Koch; and a brother, Jonathan Park. ~

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