Letters to the Editor

Zeal for New Zealand

I just returned from a three-week vacation in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. What a surprise it was to look through my mail and see the UNH Magazine with the New Zealand article. How I wish I'd received it before I left! I loved New Zealand. The Maoris have gone so quickly from the stone age to the space age. What a great place to conduct the EcoQuest program. Both the UNH students and the Maori natives can only be winners. Thanks for a great article.

Nameless Politicians

In your Winter '03 edition, you ran an article entitled "Only in New Hampshire." The article dealt with political figures who have been on the UNH campus. Mentioned specifically were Sen. John Edwards, Sen. Joe Lieberman, presidential nominee Michael Dukakis, Sen. John Kerry and presidential candidate Howard Dean. There were four pages of picture strips that were unlabeled. I recognized Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, LBJ, George Bush (senior), Jimmy Carter and John Glenn and I think the first picture on page 22 is JFK!

I was a graduate student at UNH from 1958 to 1960 and clearly remember the junior senator from Massachusetts coming to campus. JFK was little known outside his state and that was his first foreign policy speech. It would have been nice to have labels on the pictures of the presidents who at one time or another visited UNH.

Editor's note: The names of politicians visiting UNH appeared on the inside margins and were easy to overlook.

On pages 22 and 23,

John F. Kennedy, 1960
Rockefeller, 1963
McCarthy, 1967 Nixon, 1968

Reagan, 1976
Reagan, 1976 Jerry Brown, 1979

On pages 24 and 25,

George H. Bush, 1979
John Anderson, 1979 Ted Kennedy, 1980 Jesse Jackson, 1983

Walter Mondale, 1983
John Glenn, 1984

Paul Simon, 1987

Class Confusion

When I read the Letters to the Editor in the Fall 2004 issue, where the New Hampshire Gentlemen from the Class of '80 shared traditions with the Class of '05, my mind just slipped. How could the Class of '05 share anything? I was puzzled. I started at UNH in 1940 and graduated in 1948 and the Class of '05 meant the Class of 1905.

It didn't take long for it to dawn on me that the Class of '05 wasn't the Class of 1905 but meant the Class of 2005. Odd how the mind works!