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In Memoriam

Mr. Gareth Dunleavy
Professor Sam Rosen
Dr. Oscar Pearson '23, '25G
Mr. Ellsworth D. Mitchell '26
Mrs. Sophia Cohen Agranovitch '30
Mr. Clayton C. Northrup '30
Mrs. Marjorie Atwood Page '30
Mrs. Alta Mitchell Panati '30
Mr. Philip L. Reynolds '30
Mrs. Grace Lockwood Slayton '30
Mrs. Georgianna Hare Werner '30
Mr. Oscar O. Hall '31
Mrs. Anna Gay Rich '31
Ms. Eleanor N. Johnson '32
Mrs. Dorothy Kessler Bronstein '33
Mr. William Coates '34, '42G
Dr. Richard Martin '34, '39G
Mr. Grant L. Davis '35
Mrs. Elizabeth Corbett Crosby '36
Mr. Warren E. Marshall '36
Mrs. Ruth Seidel Muther '36
Dr. Samuel A. Stone '36, '37G
Dr. Kenneth Bishop '37, '51G
Col. Edson R. Mattice '37
Mrs. Barbara Brownell Sleeper '37
Mr. Leslie F. Smith '37
Mr. Roland A. Taylor '37
Ms. Rebecca I. Tinker '37
Mrs. Elinor Brown Vigneau '37
Mr. Aaron Chadbourn Jr. '38
Mrs. Elizabeth McNamara Gould '38
Mr. Abraham Gozonsky '38
Dr. George E. B. Quinn '38
Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe Hanson '38
Mr. Carl S. Rice '38
Mr. Lyle W. Ewing Jr. '39
Lt. Col. James W. Grant '39
Mrs. Jane Coe Hall '39
Mr. Norman Haweeli '39
Mr. Melvin B. Kimball '39
Mr. Martyn H. Lincoln '39
Mrs. Beverly MacNeil Mason '39
The Hon. Joseph J. Nigro '39
Mr. Wilmont G. Sellar '39
Mrs. Barbara Sullivan Tibbetts '39
Mr. Walter M. Webb '39
Mr. Robert F. Williams '39
Mr. Irving L. Franklin '40
Mr. Chester R. Lapeza '40
Mrs. Dorothy Ferry Iasiello '41
Dr. Robert Lennon '41, '49G
Mr. P. Hamilton Myers Jr. '41
Mr. William G. Robinson '41
Mr. Everett Clement '42
Mrs. Evelyn Barenberg Cone '42
Ms. Dorothy Page '42
Mrs. Nancy Kinsman Burkhard '43
Mr. Bruce R. DeMeritt Jr. '43
Mr. Frederick J. Grube '43
Mrs. Ruth Prohaska Mullavey '43
Mrs. Mary Barkley Presby '43
Dr. Norman A. Reed '43
Dr. William G. Rosen '43
Mr. Ellsworth M. Davis '44
Mrs. Beatrice Sanborn Varney '44
Mr. Charles Clark Jr. '45
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Porter Houck '45
Mrs. Reta Little Kolligian '45
Mrs. Margaret Edgerly Rhodes '45
Mr. Guy R. Clark '46
Mr. George A. Gaul '46
Mrs. Madeline McKinnon McGoff '46
Mrs. Margaret Thompson Goettler '47
Mr. Chester H. Gordon '47
Mr. John A. Hawke '47
Mrs. Pauline Booth McGuire '47
Mr. Harry G. Bickford '48
Mr. Robert W. Gooch Sr. '48
Mr. Carl N. Sipprelle '48, '49G
Mr. James J. Stokes '48
Mrs. Avalon Crosby Hazelton '49
The Rev. Lawrence Hughes '49
Mr. David J.N. Pheasant '49
Mr. William Proctor Jr. '49, '64G
Mr. Ludvig B. Stangeland '49, '50G
Mr. Harold Achber '50
Mr. Richmond H. Adams '50
Mr. Malcolm G. Cole Jr. '50
Mr. John J. Downes '50
Mrs. Isabelle Derby Keroack '50, '70G
Mr. Wasyl Zaricki '50
Col. Peter C. Fortescue '51
Mrs. Joanne Hall Gage '51
Mr. Paul H. Mason '51
Dr. Eoin T. McKiernan '51G
Mr. Herbert E. Towle '51
Mr. William P. Whiting Jr. '51
Mr. John E. Dodge Sr. '52
Ms. Joan Delearie Hopson '52
Mr. Philip C. Hoyt '52, '58G
Mr. Norman G. Cable '53
Mr. Peter M. Gannis '53
Mr. Arthur B. Levitt '53
Mr. Charles H. Marston '53
Mr. Edmund M. Silver '53
Mr. Alfred C. Bickford '54
Mr. Robert E. Caggiano '54
Mr. Richard T. Kumin '54
Mr. Donald C. Arnold Jr. '55
Mr. Henry K. Baker '55
Mr. David E. Butler, Sr. '55
Dr. Hamden C. Moody Jr. '55
Mrs. Rita Bergeron Gilpatrick '56
Mr. Paul R. MacDonald '56
Mr. Frank T. Brooks '57
Ms. Cynthia E. Sanborn '57
Mr. Howard N. Smith '57
Mr. Harry R. Lewis Jr. '58G
Mr. Lloyd M. Price '58
Mr. Donald A. Virgin '58
Mr. Richard G. Berard '59
Mr. Philip F. Palmer '59, '60G
Mrs. Carol Richardson Ray '59
Mr. Conrad G. Terkelsen '60
Mr. Robert E. Watson '60G
Mrs. Geraldine King Diehl '61
Mr. Roger S. Cilley '62
Mr. William C. Flint '62
Mr. John D. Morse '64
Mr. Michael A. Roy '66
Lt. Col. Nathan Scott '66
Mr. David D. Carter '67
Dr. Renauld Desmarais '68
Mr. Robert W. Pease '68G
Mrs. Christine K. Clark '69G
Mrs. Joanne Vorel Heger '69
Mr. George C. King '69
Mrs. Mary Dennison Summers '69
Mr. Philip B. Allen '70
Mr. David C. Smith Sr. '70
Mrs. Evelyn Blodgett Lobdell '71G
Mr. Charles McDonald Jr. '71
Mr. Dana T. Merrill '71
Mr. Norman F. Hall '72
Sister Rose McMahon '72G
Mr. Kevin J. O'Keefe '72
Mr. David Wallace '72, '75G
Mrs. Marianne Knight Farrell '73
Col. James Staigers '73, '80G
Ms. Natalie Welch Flynn '74
Mr. Raymond Lamoureux '74
Mr. John W. True Jr. '75G
Mr. Theodore J. Clark '76
Mrs. Debby Cram Marchuk '77
Mrs. Kathleen Curran Nauss '78
Mrs. Bonnie Chatterton Richmond '78
Dr. J. David Casey Jr. '79G
Mr. Paul E. Tengberg '79
Mr. Gary R. Malone '80
Ms. Jeanette Schwartz '80
Mr. Michael C. Dressler '81
Mr. David J. Matthews '81
Mrs. Jane Rowe Bucklin '82
Mrs. Linda Bonk Perry '82
Mr. David F. Baildon '83G
Ms. Karen G. Carville '83
Ms. Margaret R. Cobban '84
Mr. Victor F. Richards '85G
Mrs. Robin Hirschfeld Williams '85
Ms. Kathleen A. Redman '87
Mr. Brian F. Haskell '92
Ms. Tricia L. Doyle '98

Dr. Gertrude Nye Dorry '29, '40G, '63H

Dr. Gertrude Elizabeth Nye Dorry '29, '40G, '63H, who taught and worked in Iran for 50 years, died Oct. 25. She was 96.

After graduating from UNH with a B.A. in English, Dorry taught grade school in New Hampshire until 1942, when she took a teaching job in Bolivia. Four years later, she enrolled in linguistics at the University of Michigan and in 1952 made her first visit to Iran to research her doctoral thesis. There she met and married Mohammad Dorry, and settled in Tehran. Fluent in Farsi, Gertrude Dorry taught English for the Iran-American Society and at teacher-training colleges throughout Iran. In 1961, the Shah of Iran cited her for outstanding service to the country. She was the first woman and foreigner to be so honored.

In the 1960s, Dorry worked for the Peace Corps, ran the Experiment in International Living program in Iran and, in the '70s, headed the language department at Tehran Polytechnic. She had a loving relationship with stepdaughter Susan Dorry-Nyman of Wareham, Mass., who was the daughter of Mohammad Dorry's second wife, allowable under Muslim law. She is also survived by a brother, Edwin; a sister, Dorothy Nye Raymond '46; a niece; and two step-grandchildren.

Natalie '41 and David Allan '47, '49G

David N. Allan '47, '49G and Natalie Chandler Allan '41 died 22 hours apart in September.

David Allan was an Army Air Corps veteran of World War II, and returned to UNH after the war. At the time of his retirement in 1979, he was the state biologist for New Hampshire and Maine. An artist and author, he was also an active volunteer in the Town of Lee, N.H.

Natalie Chandler Allan '41 was a teacher and volunteer. At age 70, with no previous business experience, she opened a greenhouse and ran it successfully for 10 years. The Allans are survived by son Jonathan '73; daughter Sarah Krycki '83; and three grandchildren.

Dr. Robert L. Tuttle '43

Robert L. "Bob" Tuttle '43 of Lee, N.H., died on Nov. 26. Well known as an Isles of Shoals "island ambassador" and historian, he was 82.

Tuttle received a B.S. in biology in 1943 from UNH and graduated from the University of Rochester School of Medicine with an M.D. in 1947. His career in medicine included positions as an associate professor and department chair of microbiology and immunology, and assistant dean and academic dean at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, N.C. In the '70s, he was the associate dean and dean for academic affairs at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. From 1981-84, he served as the regional dean at Texas Tech University School of Medicine at El Paso.

After retiring in 1984, he and his late wife, Dot, moved to Lee, N.H., and Tuttle joined the UNH Marine Docent Program. The founding president of the Isles of Shoals Historical and Research Association, he conducted tours, presented programs and served as guest lecturer. He is survived by many close friends.

Eunice Barrett Hill '58

Eunice "Betty" Barrett Hill '58 of Portsmouth, N.H., who became famous after recalling her encounter with a UFO, died on Oct. 17 at age 85.

After graduating with honors and a B.S. degree in social work, Hill pursued a career in child welfare, training foster parents and also working in the field of adoptions. She and her late husband, Barney, were activists for civil rights, human rights and social justice.

Their account of their 1961 abduction by a UFO, later recalled under hypnosis and leaked to the press without their permission, was turned into a movie and a book by John Fuller. For the past 15 years, Hill lectured and wrote on the subject of UFOs. In 1995, she published a book, A Common Sense Approach to UFOs. She leaves a daughter, son, three sisters, a niece and three grandchildren.

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