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Reaching Out
In hurricane-struck communities, UNH alumni were there to help.
Dede Gillespie Moubayed '83
Photo by Perry Smith/UNH Photographic Services
Every year, New England Fleece gives 100,000 blankets to charities and aid groups. After Sandy, owners Dede Gillespie Moubayed '83 and husband Pete donated an additional 65,000 to communities hard hit by the hurricane. Read more
Kevin Donnelly '81
Photo by Perry Smith/UNH Photographic Services
"No one could have imagined the magnitude," says Kevin Donnelly '81 , who was called on to bring a submerged wastewater treatment plant in Queens back online. Read more
Dan Somma '94
Photo courtesy of Dan Somma '94
"People don't initially grasp how continuous the need is," says Dan Somma '94 , who with wife Soley made multiple trips with supplies to New York, organized through Facebook and their church. Read more
Spencer Potts '92
Photo by David Brabyn
Co-chair of a food pantry organization, Spencer Potts '92 helped the group offer tax assistance, access to cell phones, help applying for emergency aid—even Christmas presents for kids. Read more
Scott Aronson '92
Photo by Christopher Lane/Getty
The Healthcare Evacuation Center in New York City wanted to know, could Scott Aronson '92 and the State of Connecticut help evacuate thousands of patients from health care facilities? Aronson's reply: "We can." Read more
James McDermott '05
Photo by Perry Smith/UNH Photographic Services
When Sandy hit, Rockaway Park firefighter James McDermott '05 was needed everywhere. Read more
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