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Fall Kudos

The Fall 2013 UNH Magazine was a real gem among all the political and unsolicited ads! I found each article so enlightening.

I was led to believe not all the world is materialistic and greedy: care for others does exist, and I am proud to be a fellow alumna of those portrayed in this magazine.

I loved the article about Professor FredJervis '44, '49G ["Insight"], which reminded me of my admiration of him, walking our great campus back in the 50s! I still regret not enrolling in one of his classes.

Thanks for another great publication. Keep up the good work.

Fred and LeeAnn Puksta
Fred '81 and LeeAnn '84 Puksta.

I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the Fall 2013 issue of UNH Magazine. The magazine exhibits a true professionalism worthy of the university it represents. I would also like to express my humble thanks for presenting my profile within. As is often true in life, my accomplishments are not solely my own.

Let the record show that I owe all to my wife, who I picked out of a crowd at a UNH dining hall and persuaded to join the UNH crew team as a coxswain. I knew that, due to the rigorous schedule of UNH crew, this was the only way that I was ever going to see her again. In those early years, her late-night sandwich deliveries to the UNH woodshop literally fueled my passion for furniture making. Thank you, LeeAnn Scully Puksta '84.

Pod Squad

You certainly brought back memories with the "Pod Squad" story in the Fall 2013 issue!

I remember in 1944 being in the fourth grade at the one-room school in Pelham Center, the present Legion Hall, and collecting milkweed pods in old burlap grain bags. It was quite a job stuffing all the bags in my dad's '36 Chevy to take them to the school!

The "Pod Squad" piece that appears in the Fall 2013 issue of UNH Magazine jogged some faint memories. I recall belonging to the Boston Junior Salvage Army in the early years of World War II. I was five years old, and I guess we collected paper, tin, and other materials necessary for the war effort. I don't remember much about my contribution then, but I like to think my 22 years and two-war direct involvement with Naval Special Warfare since then somewhat compensates.

National Champions?

First of all, let me say that I love UNH Magazine; you do a great job of communicating the excellence of UNH and its family of students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

I believe that the Fall 2013 "Sports Shorts" story about the women's lacrosse program contains an error: "The only UNH sports team to ever win a national title, women's lacrosse...." Not to take anything away from women's lacrosse, but as an ardent women's ice hockey fan, I must call to your attention the 1989 National Champions banner hanging in the Whitt. As I recall, there were also highway signs posted at the entrances to Durham for several years.

It is always a pleasure to receive UNH Magazine. Because I no longer live in the East, its informative and well-written articles have become the primary means by which I am able to keep current with UNH and the people associated with the school (including, of course, my classmates).

I wish to congratulate the women's lacrosse team for their very successful season, as described in the Campus Currents "Sports Shorts" in the Fall 2013 issue. I was surprised, however, by the comment in that article stating that they were "the only UNH sports team to ever win a national title." Without knowing the criterion for making that claim, I would like to point out that the 1955 men's lacrosse team also received a similar honor. I had the privilege of playing on that "Whoop" Snively-coached team and have enclosed a copy of a newspaper clipping describing our season.

Again, thanks for an excellent magazine. I truly enjoy reading it.

Ed.: It appears our error was in failing to specify that women's lacrosse secured the university's only NCAA-sponsored championship. Women's ice hockey did indeed win a national title—in 1998—but the women's national championship in that sport wasn't an NCAA championship until 2000. And be sure to read this issue's story about famed coach A. Barr "Whoop" Snively (p. 34), which includes information about the 1955 men's lacrosse team that claimed the Roy Taylor Class C national title.

Peace Corps Memories

What a wonderful collection of stories (Spring 2013). I graduated from UNH in 1998, my husband [Chad Turmelle '99, '07G] in 1999. In the fall of 1999, we shipped out to the South Pacific island-nation of Vanuatu, where we served for two years in the Sanma Province. We toiled, worried, and worked so hard. But, what we gave pales in comparison to what was given to us. It was indescribably amazing. Thanks, UNH, for connecting us to our Peace Corps path.


The "In Memoriam" tribute to Robert "Bobby" Cann '09 in the Fall 2013 issue included an inaccurate quotation. The corrected version of the story is available online at unhmagazine.unh.edu/f13/bobby-cann.html. Our sincerest apologies for the error.

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