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In Memoriam

Mrs. Ida Wiggin Coon '19
Mr. William T. Halvorsen '26
Mrs. Emma Kinsman Bell '27
Mrs. Catherine Cassily Evans '27
Mrs. Pauline Andrews Hubbard '27
Ms. Pearl C. Rideout '27
Capt. Eugene K. Auerbach, Ret. '28
Mr. Malcolm D. Hildreth '28
Mrs. M. Africa Rolfe '28
Mr. William I. Landauer '29
Mrs. Mary Tucker Marsh '29
Mrs. Lillian Morris Boyd '30
Rev. Gustaf D. Guston '30
Mrs. Dorothy Jones McDonald '30
Mr. Richard J. McDonald '30H
Mr. Albert D. Michaud '30
Mrs. Esther Gay Williams '30
Mr. Laurence F. Ballou '31
Mr. Henry C. Lane '31
Mrs. Charlotte Saunders Boothby '32
Mr. John R. Gleason, Sr. '32
Mrs. Nan Bean Moore '32
Mr. Lincoln P. Ferrini '33
Mr. Linwood G. Huntington '33
Mr. Parker L. Hancock '34
Ms. Catherine H. Henry '34
Mr. William S. Law '34
Mr. Robert W. Paine '34
Mr. Henry W. Stevens '34
Ms. Elizabeth C. Whittemore '34
Dr. William B. Bennett '35
Mr. Hamilton M. Gardner '35
Mr. Walter E. Brown '36
Mrs. Victoria Kopka Hennessy '36
Mr. Richard R. Loring '36
Mr. Robert C. Davison '37
Mr. Arthur L. Enman '37
Mr. Lincoln E. Gowen '37
Mr. Lester Flanzbaum '38
Mr. Randolph W. Gerrish '38
Mr. Robert W. Kidder '38
Mrs. Regis Lyons Minkus '38
Mr. Mayland L. Parker '38
Dr. John E. Story '38
Mrs. Elizabeth Pickard Nolan '39
Mr. Gordon E. Tibbetts '39
Mr. Conrad F. Zoerb '39
Ms. Kathleen O. Chandler '40
Mr. Hugh Lamson '40
Mrs. Natalie Goodhue Nebesky '40
Mrs. Rachel Moore Shaw '40
Mr. Sidney C. Volinn '40
Mr. Norwood A. Ball '42
Dr. David E. Horne '42
Mrs. Dorothy Crouch MacKenzie '42
Mr. Malcolm McComish '42
Mrs. Jeanette Connor Noseck '42
Mr. Eric T. Pierson '42
Col. Anthony J. Touart, Jr. '42H, '44
Dr. Robert A. Altenbern '43
Mrs. Elizabeth Williams Beckwith '43
Mr. George A. Carr '43
Mrs. Elizabeth Bennett Lessard '43
Mr. Arthur K. Lucy '43
Mr. Wallace J. Morse '43
Mrs. Helen Sherman Paterson '43
Miss Judith D. Pratt '44
Mr. Arthur P. Currier '45
Mrs. Jacquelyn Percival Donahue '45
Mr. George W. Hatch '45
Mr. Stephen P. Knowlton '45
Dr. Frederick R. Kuss '48
Mrs. Shirley Degraff Pitchford '48
Mr. Murray E. Stern '48
Mr. Donald G. Gray '49
Mr. David O. Higgins '49
Mr. Donald T. Thompson, Jr. '49
Mr. Albert A. Twombly '49
Mr. Webster W. White, Jr. '49
Mr. Edwin L. Collishaw, Jr. '50
Mr. Edward J. Dahill, Jr. '50
Mr. John D. Davis, Sr. '50
Mr. William L. Jones '50
Mrs. Martha Pattison Lewis '50
Mr. Thomas P. Powers '50
Mr. Richard C. Tebo '50
Dr. Francis Gilbert '51
Mr. Virgil A. Grignon, Jr. '51
Mr. Richard W. Schreiber '51
Mr. Hazen E. Bickford '52
Mr. Joseph H. Gagnon '52
Mr. Norman E. Merrill '52
Mr. Robert L. Rioux '53
Mr. Thomas B. Wingate '53
Mr. James H. Christie '54
Mr. George S. Hutchins, Jr. '56
Mr. John W. Dunn '57
Mr. Robert C. Baxter '58
Dr. Bruce T. Wellde '58
Mr. Frank S. Boyd '59
Mr. Robert G. Richards '59
Mr. Wilfred L. Aubert '60
Mr. Richard C. Nelson '60
Ms. Louise J. Huntington '62
Mr. Bruce L. Krassner '62
Mrs. Beverly Reney McIntire '62
Mr. George T. Webb, Jr. '63
Mr. Raymond C. Allard '64
Dr. Daniel A. Sundeen '65
Mr. J. R. Earhart '66
Ms. Sharon A. Beaudoin '67
Mr. William L. Nettleton '68
Mr. Paul J. Reilly '68
Mr. Michael B. Stetson '68
Mr. Peter H. Prescott '70
Mrs. Carol Ausfeld Beach '74
Mr. Mark R. Nelson '74
Mr. Kevin M. Pickford '75
Mr. David F. King '78
Mr. Bruce G. Ramsay '80
Mrs. Martha Roney Borror '81
Mrs. Laura Jenness Hutchins '84
Mr. George D. Laskey III '88
Mr. Jason E. Albrecht '90
Mr. Eric P. Schuster '92
Ms. Andrea S. VanGilder '00

William Grimes '34

William A. Grimes, 87, former chief justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court, died Feb. 28, 1999.

Grimes worked his way through UNH while earning a B.S. degree in business administration. He received a J.D. degree from Boston University in 1937, and an honorary doctor of laws degree from UNH in 1967. At age 21, he became the youngest person elected to the state legislature, and during World War II he served as an aircraft navigator. In 1947, he was the youngest person ever appointed to the state Superior Court.

Grimes helped create a system of continuing education for judges, and was the author of Grimes Criminal Law Outline, an annual summary of U.S. Supreme Court cases. He retired from the Supreme Court in 1981.

He is survived by his wife, Barbara Parsons Grimes '39; a daughter, Gail Grimes-Whitmyer '69; a son, Gordon F. Grimes; a sister, Dorothy Perry '36; and two grandchildren.

Shane Devine '49

Retired U.S. District Court Judge Shane Devine, 73, who ordered the state to close its troubled institution for the developmentally disabled, died Feb. 22, 1999.

Devine came to UNH a World War II Army veteran, and graduated with a B.A. degree in political science. He received a J.D. degree from Boston College in 1952. After working for Devine, Millimet, Stahl & Branch, a Manchester law firm, he was appointed a federal judge in 1978. Named chief justice in 1979, he retired in 1992 but continued to hear cases part-time.

As a trial lawyer, he was involved in civil liberty and environmental cases, including the push to build Route 93 as a parkway instead of an interstate through Franconia Notch.

He is survived by his wife, Priscilla Robertson Devine; twin sons Dennis '76 and Daniel '76 Devine; three daughters, Catherine '77, Susan, and Jean Devine; two stepchildren and 10 grandchildren.

Cleveland L. Howard

Retired UNH music professor and Concert Choir conductor Cleveland L. Howard died Jan. 5, 1999. He was 67.

From Boston University, Howard received bachelor's and master's degrees in music education in 1953 and 1954, and a doctorate of musical arts in 1969. At UNH, where he taught from 1969 to 1998, Howard was the conductor of the UNH Concert Choir and chairman of the music department from 1979 to 1984. Remembered by former student Craig Werth '79, '93G, for teaching with "humor, warmth and enthusiasm," Howard was a mentor to many music education, minority and international students.

He is survived by a daughter, Glendowlyn Howard; a son, Cleveland L. Howard III '91; and five sisters.

Eugene L. Foster '44, '51G

Eugene L. Foster, founder of Foster-Miller Associates, died March 2, 1999. He was 76.

Foster graduated from UNH in 1944 with a degree in mechanical engineering. After Army service in Word War II, he earned a master's degree in mechanical engineering at UNH in 1951. At MIT, he earned master's and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering in 1953 and 1954.

He left MIT in 1956 to devote himself to his Waltham, Mass., company, providing research and development services to industry and the government. Foster was awarded the Alumni Association's Meritorious Service Award in 1996. He is survived by his wife, Mavis Foster; two sons, Eugene and Mark Foster; a daughter, Carol Horowitz; a sister; nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

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