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Alumni Profiles

Fall 2013:

Insight: Blindness, says Fred Jervis '44, '49G, led him to his profession—and helped him excel.
Form and Function: Industrial designer-craftsman Fred Puksta '81 makes hard work beautiful.
Marathon Woman: This summer, Kerri Haskins '93 became the first New Hampshire woman to run 50 marathons in 50 states.
Stepping Up: Former football star Mujahid "Muji" Karim '07 provides hope and guidance to other amputees.

Spring 2013:

Finding Her Way: Being the only African American on campus was just one of the challenges Mary Ann Wheeler Franklin '42 faced at UNH.
Fighting for Kids: M.-A. Lucas '64 transformed child care in the miltary.
Phone Bills: John Beane '84 transforms trash into cash.
News Rush: Jack Gray '02 races to meet deadlines for "Anderson Cooper 360*"—and finds his own voice along the way
Quest for Freedom: Two alums seek the release of their son from captivity in Syria

Winter 2013:

Class Notes photo: Snowmobile, Circa 1956
UNH Trivia Quiz: How many UNH alumni have played in an NFL Super Bowl game? Extra credit: Provide their names and class years.
Mary, Queen of Politics: Five decades of mentoring Democratic aspirants
The Chess Express: In Belize, Steve Schulten '72 teaches students "the thinking man's game"
Beyond Bits and Bytes: A different kind of high-tech exec
Best in Class: Two UNH alumni shine in American and Canadian football's top championships

Fall 2012:

Class Notes photo: Meditating on the Great Lawn
Far from the Madding Crowd: Jed Williamson '61, '69G loves to teach, and climb
Back from London: Rick Schavone '71, the U.S. Olympic team's assistant diving coach, looks to 2016
Amazing Places: For marine biologist Julie Barber '99, work is a series of dream jobs
Well Matched: Michele Filgate '06 has just the right book--for you, for me and even for the Pulitzer Prize

Spring 2012:

Class Notes photo: Landing Party, Piper Club Airplane on the Great Lawn
A Memoir of a Lifetime: For his country, Fred Hall '41, '74H fought in Europe. For his family, he wrote it all down.
Still Teaching the World to Sing: The musical duo Rick '63 and Ron Shaw '63 hit the campus running and have never stopped
Sisters Still: Alpha Chi Omega Reunion
On the Track of Shipwrecks: Marine archaeologist Brendan Foley '91 explores wrecks at depths no diver can reach

Winter 2012:

Class Notes photo: Who else but Nelse?, Nelson Rockefeller Greets UNH Students
Healing History: Gerald Smith '48 helps create a museum to honor former prisoners
Silent Cal Speaks: On stage, Jim Cooke '64 brings life to lesser-known historical figures
Living Off the Land: Drew Conroy '86, '01G believes oxen can make small farms sustainable
Smitten by Science: An immunologist wants kids to get excited about research

Fall 2011:

Class Notes photo: Ahead of the Game, UNH Marching Band leads a rally at a 1946 football game
The Road Taken: Margaret Ann Shea '58, '61G defied expectations
'The Russion Front' Revisited: When the Jarostchuks played football, there was no detente
Aiming Higher: Monica Quimby '09 set new goals after a skiing accident
All Aughts: UNH alums at the wedding of Thomas Jarvela '06, '07G and Colleen Perra '07

Spring 2011:

Class Notes photo: Bus tours in 1952 took visitors to "See a Great University at Work."
Unveiled: Four alums gather to honor the late Robert Stark '33
A Fine Art: Sue Ann Robinson '68 creates artist books that meld visuals and narratives
Joy, Not Postponed: From pain and loss, Laurey Masterton '76 has found a blueprint for a good life
Home Grown: Maria Groves '99 says herbal remedies grow right in our backyards
Healing Power: Abigail McNamara '10 helps young women in Uganda traumatized by war
Connected: Three UNH alumni meet up in Afghanistan

Winter 2011:

Class Notes photo: Winter Carnival queen Susan Lyman Bridge '61 and her aides Diane Howe Lenters '59 and Joan Prisby Ketchen '61 lace up for ice skating.
Niche Strategy: The trick to success is to do one thing really well, says Robert Rothman '76
Partners for Life: With her friends, Norma Farrar Krajczar '51 has done it all
Wild Things: Daniel Hilliard '88 helps endangered species survive
Young and Content: Michael Graziadei '01 loves to be hated on daytime TV
Just Ducky: Chip Kelly '90 leads the Oregon Ducks to a national championship game

Fall 2010:

Class Notes photo: Wildcat fans reach for a miniature football giveaway in 1981
Jump Start: Friends Peter Robart '73 and Mark Ruddy '73 turn a college scheme into a lifelong business
Double Duty: Lynn Wiatrowski '81 serves nonprofit sectors in a corporate world
No Job Too Small: Surgeon Daniel Jaffurs '89 makes a difference in the lives of children
Bravissimo: David Cushing '00 gets paid for doing what he loves to do--sing
Reuniting: A drizzle didn't dampen the spirits of members of the Class of 1960 at Reunion 2010

Spring 2010:

Class Notes photo: Students go for a walk with their feathered friend in 1981
Battle Plans: Fight master David Leong '73 trains actors to mimic the real thing
Pay It Forward: Many hands make light work--and cheaper solar power, says Ann Bliss '80G
Championship Memories: The 1985 UNH women's lacrosse team celebrates the 25th anniversary of its national championship
Change Does Them Good: Rajiv Parikh '90 and Bhairavi Shah Parikh '91 have started two companies
Sound Effect: Mark Johnson '96 works for world peace through music

Winter 2010:

Class Notes photo: A 1920 brochure, "Popular Winter Sports on the Campus," was aimed at prospective students
Save the Last Dance: George Fogg '53, a master of colonial dances, wants a tradition to carry on
A Microscopic Magic Bullet: John Rossi '69 seeks cures for AIDs and cancer at the molecular level
Small World: Paul Davis '76 and Peter Zamarchi '77 meet in Afghanistan
Ski Moguls: Two former ski teammates, Carolyn Beckedorff '89 and Jessie McAleer '95, are still racing, and winning
Team of One: For the second time, Robel Teklemariam '97 will be the sole athlete representing Ethiopia at the Winter Olympics
Never Again: Emily Fischer '05G and Peter Girard '05G fight to strengthen laws protecting bicyclists as their friend Carolyn "Cary" Girod '05G is killed in an accident

Fall 2009:

Class Notes photo: "The Whips," UNH's first riding club
Air Care: A company founded by Verne Brown '60 monitors toxic gas
The Butterfly Effect: Joris Brinckerhoff '82 created a Latin American industry
The Importance of Being Dispensable: Allison Howard '99 believes poor countries need a hand, not a handout
Russian Riddle: Andrew McKernan '09 delves into the enigmas of Russian architecture

Spring 2009:

Strictly for the Birds: Retired dentist Forbes Getchell '47 turns wood, wire and paint into a colorful flock
The Producer: Joe Morley '79 is the driving force behind indie films like "Super Size Me"
Home Remedy: Affordable housing advocate Lisa Fisher Henderson '97 helps build strong communities
The Illusionist: The guy who actually takes the fall is Jared Burke '01

Winter 2009:

A Suitable Man: Stuart Shaines '50 watches the evolution of a city, and an industry
Bi-polar Teachers: Educators Robin Ellwood '85, '93G and Frank Kelley '98G join expeditions to bring science into the classroom
Two Years of Flying High: Fighter pilot Scott Poteet '96 takes a turn at U.S. Air Force outreach
Hooked on the Fiber Arts: A knitting blog founded by Casey '00 and Jessica Marshall Forbes '00 transforms into a successful online venture
Being All She Can Be: Iraq veteran Megan Robillard '05 ends up on the cover of a national bridal magazine

Fall 2008:

The Inside Story: Bob Chase '45 hopes to change the way we look at human anatomy
Extreme Makeover: A roof, a foundation and 43 wells later, Lynne Curtis Butcher '69 has an old hotel back in business.
When Every Day is a Field Day: Patrick Connors '00 learns the attractions of patience and the simple life

Spring 2008:

Selling Naturally: Deborah deMoulpied '77, Lisa Johns Eshelman '76 and Jonathan Gregory '07 launch a store with a green conscience.
Medicine Men: The call of the wild lures Matt Greenberg '97 and Dan Hartman '88 to the remote Yukon Delta in Alaska.

Winter 2008:

Bewitching Beacons: Ray Elliott '72 photographs lighthouses—hundreds of them.
Blessing in Disguise: Midwife Kimberly Radtke '89 bellymasks.

Fall 2007:

Haiku Homer: Cor van den Heuvel '57 says the Japanese form of poetry is perfect for baseball
Agent of Hope: Missy Windsor '68, '76G uses her OT training to help orphans abroad
The Catcher on the Fly: With boomerangs, John Flynn '80, '85G comes full circle

Spring 2007:

Taking Flight: In 1940, Jeanette Gagnon Goodrum '41 was UNH's only female trainee in the Civilian Pilot Training Program.
Sound Tracked: Steve Bramson '78 writes music to match the drama onscreen

Winter 2007:

Inside Information: Doug Fowler '82 and Ron Chesley '83 launched Spector, a powerful computer-monitoring program.
You're Hired!: Megan Hanley '04 has a job working for Donald Trump.
A Need to Take the World Seriously: Capt. Benjamin Keating '04 gave his life, and 1st Lt. Scott Quilty '04 was seriously injured in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, respectively.

Fall 2006:

Do Change That Channel: (Beth Hoppe '84) Can a true believer in public broadcasting find happiness in commercial TV?
Speak English and Carry a Big Stick: Lynee Connelly '00 teaches English as a second language to professional baseball players.

Spring 2006:

Marco Solo: Bill Shea '52 has logged about 8,500 miles in the air during his lifetime of flying.
A Capitol Reunion: Secretary of State Bill Gardner '70, House Speaker Doug Scamman '64, Senate President Ted Gatsas '73 and New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch '74 are all UNH alumni.
Good as Gold: Tricia Dunn-Luoma '96, Robel Teklemariam '97, Mickey Goulet '69 compete in the 2006 Winter Olympics.
Newsmakers-- alumni in the news: Laurel Thatcher Ulrich '80G, Rogers Johnson '99G, Dorothy Burk '72, Jeanne Munn Bracken '68, Gary Langer '80, Dave Williams '87, Diane Newark '89, Steven Johnson '73, Kristen Vermilyea Harbaugh '91, and Cathleen Nelson Wardley '82.

Winter 2006:

Keeper of the River: Pearl Pierce Burke '39 worked for the Army Corps of Engineers in New Orleans for nearly 40 years.
If Your Feet Are Numb, You're Done: Elizabeth Calvert '00 is a member of a three-person ice diving team with NOAA's Hidden Ocean project.

Fall 2005:

The Wagon Bosses: Sut '64 and Margaret '67 Marshall have a collection of 175 rare and antique wagons.
The Peacemaker: Euripedes Evriviades '76 is the Cypriot Ambassador to the United States.
Newsmakers-- alumni in the news: Paul Anderson '63G, '01H, Jack Sanders Jr. '59, Mary Anne Sharer Waikart '75G, Jon Cannon '00, '02G, Jeff '76 and Henry '80 Huntington, Ralph Beaudoin '64, '69G, Sachiko Ito Howard '84G, Giuseppe Bellavita '89 and James A. Rispoli '70G.

Spring 2005:

An Eye for a Good Voice: Caitlyn Dlouhy '84 is a children's book editor at Simon & Schuster.
Leagues of Their Own: Mary Beth Cragan '92, Michelle Austin '93, Michelle Wapelhorst '05, Donald Winterton '72, Steve Grzywacz '77 and Mike Wells '02 all play in franchise football teams.

Winter 2005:

"Open Water" Opens Doors: Susan Blanchard Ryan '89 appears in "Open Water," an independent film that is proving to be a sleeper hit.
Snow Job: Peter Koson '94 was the winter site manager for the 2004 austral winter at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica.
Learning Patience the Hard Way: Ty Conklin '01 pursues his dream of playing as a goalie for the NHL.
Fill Throttle: Emily Cole '04 was named the national Airman of the Year, the first National Guard member to ever win the competition.
Newsmakers-- alumni in the news: John Lynch '74, D. Scott Molloy '72G, Christopher Dadlez '75, Kathleen McMahon '86, Rebecca Kimball Hommon '73, Edwin "Win" Robinson '51, Jonathan Kellogg '70, Pamela DiPietro-Hale '81, Judith Simpson '72 and Matthew Biette '83.

Fall 2004:

The Beat Goes On: Dean Williamson '32 learns to play the drums at the age of 92.
Grateful for a Miracle: For 28 years, Ruth Goldthwait Maynard '52 suffered from agoraphobia.
Make Believe: Priscilla Cummings '73 talks about the genesis of her third young adult novel, Saving Grace.
Newsmakers-- alumni in the news: Karol Bushaw LaCroix '67, '75G, Han Sung Joo '64G, Robert Schmeck '78, Jennifer Scanlon '03G, Alec Doyle '80, Jennifer Potter-Brotman '75, David Steelman '67, Lou D'Allesandro '61, Denise Cadorette '80, and Carolyn McElroy '74.

Spring 2004:

Patman Forever: Randy "Zip" Pierce '88 is an award-winning New England Patriots fan.
Trials and Errors: Margo Burns '88, '91G discovers details of Salem witch trials.
Rhapsody in Blue and White: The New Hampshire Gentlemen celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Winter 2004:

Privacy in a Cyber World: David Gottesman '70 and Anna Hantz '77 receive the New Hampshire Trial Lawyers 2003 Special Recognition Award for their work on a case involving cyber privacy.
Living on in Their Memories: UNH Crew dedicates a new boat in memory of former team member Tim Stout '83.
Adventures on the High Seas: Shannon Smith '95 lands a role in "Master and Commander"
Newsmakers-- alumni in the news: Euripides L. Evriviades '76, Carrie Griffiths '87, Mike Granieri '65, Susan Violette Chernenko '71, John F. Fox Jr. '01G, Kevin Johnson '97G, Michael B. Eason '92, Trish Northridge Lindberg '77, Lou Ureneck '72, and Philip J. Tullgren '83.

Fall 2003:

The Energy Thing: Boo Morcom '47 competed in the Olympics in England in 1948, and then kept on competing.
Connecting the Dots: Barbara Allwork Seigert '53 is a long-distance bike rider and author.
Where Conductors Can Let Their Hair Down: Ken Kiesler '75, Holly Gudelsky Stone '77, music director of the New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra, leads music camp at Medomak Camp in Maine.
Newsmakers-- alumni in the news: Tom Fairchild '59, Gail Bigglestone '60, Osten Taylor '96, David Benson '71, Maureen Ahern '58, Karl Emerson '78, Mike Ferris '78, Colleen O'Connell '82, Barbara Conner French '48, John Anderson '74G, and Michelle Turner '91.

Spring 2003:

Dream Diagnostics: Judith Scharff '78, '81G interprets dreams.
Telling Tales Out of School: Court Crandall '87 wrote, in his spare time, a script that became the basis for the movie "Old School."
Three '80s Alums Pop the Pulitzer Champagne Cork: Kevin Sullivan '81, Mark Osler '81 and Irving Rogers III '83.
Newsmakers-- alumni in the news: Michael Morin '93, Michael Berry '71, Sandra Engel '72, '74G, Tom Chandler '83, Wendy Wakefield Ferrin '71, Nancy Roberts Trott '90, Richard Gelles '73, Joseph Carroll '74, Dierdre Lynch '82, and David Bronson '81, '01G.

Winter 2003:

An Artist's Legacy: John Laurent was both a mentor and an inspiration to generations of UNH students.
The Jazz Player: Brian Clavin '77 is the only American ever to be a member of Britain's Royal National Lifeboat Institution.
Newsmakers-- alumni in the news: Kathryn Kross '82, Richard Lederer '80G, Michael Pilot '84, Susan Chernenko '71, Thomas Avallone '72, David Gottesman '70, Arthur Vailas '73, Jere Lundholm '53, Paul Came '60G, and Gary Haven Smith '73.

Fall 2002:

Making the Call: Jack Edwards '79 parlays a love of sports into a brilliant broadcasting career.
The Jazz Player: Barbara London '70 is a jazz musician--pianist and flautist, a vocalist, a lyricist and a teacher.
Newsmakers-- alumni in the news: Joanne Duffley Dow '86, Kenneth Kiesler '75, Susan Goodman '72 '75G '85G '88G, Brig. Gen. John Dailey '62, Mary C. Morin '01, Brig. Gen. Kenneth Clark '68, Carol C. Zierhoffer '82, Richard Whitney '68, Sharon Mullen '85, and James Barnish '76.

Spring 2002:

Teaching Mindfulness: Mary Westfall '01G spent nine years as director of United Campus Ministry and Protestant chaplain.
Roles of a Lifetime: Gary O'Neal '73 was named a New Hampshire Volunteer of the Year for his work supporting art and drama in his community.
Meet the Mother of Cap'n Crunch: Pam Low '51 developed the famous cereal for Quaker Oats.
Newsmakers-- alumni in the news: David M. Cote '76, Elaine Economides Joost '70, Lee Morin '74, Joseph Kirtland '87G, '92G, Steve Kohalmi '90G, Adam Reed '98, Joseph M. Sussman '63G, Frank T. Wells '61, Bradford Cook '70, and Richard Langan '80G, '92G.

Winter 2002:

The Puck Stops Here: The education of Ty Conklin '01--hockey goaltender--continues.
Skier is in it for the Long Haul: Patrick Weaver '93 has organized his life around competitive cross-country skiing.
Former Wildcats are Olympic Bound: Hockey players Tricia Dunn '96, Sue Merz '94 and Karyn Bye '93 compete in the Winter Olympics.
Newsmakers-- alumni in the news: Dr. Richard Linnehan '80, Richard D. Aronson '58, Marilyn K. Bedell '94G, Henry "Hank" Berg '78, Ann Lamontagne Caron '84 and husband Glenn '83, Mary Ellen Goggin '75, Robert Hallworth '93, April Lindner '84, Laura Monica '79 , '80G, Todd Selig '94G and Carolyn J. McElroy '74.

Fall 2001:

Familiar Pathways: Parade of Classes
Curtain Call: Stephen Tewksbury '93 performs in Les Miserables on Broadway
Logging On: Matt Chagnon '86, '88G, Don Quigley '76, '78G and Rich Hallett '91G, '96G produce ESPN's Timbersports Series
A Woman with Wings: Christine Sleeper '38 earned her pilot's license in 1941 and remains an active member of The 99s.
Newsmakers-- alumni in the news: Carol Boisvert Murray '77, Bruce E. Macey '68, Bruce H. Guernsey '78G, Barbara E. Eggers '80, '82G, J. Timothy Reiter '89, Alex R. Henkel '98, Kathleen Boisvert Walker '80, George W. Manlove '76, Kevin M. Gray '93 and Sally Holland '72.

Spring 2001:

Happy Birthday, Ben: Who can resist a cupcake?
'I Write the Songs': Tim Janis '91 makes CDs with Paul McCartney
The Man Who Laughes with Loons: Herb Cilley '48, '65G is the loon ranger of Bow Lake
Newsmakers-- alumni in the news: Pauline Hollos Corzilius '84G, Gary M. DeStefano '78, Katherine Borst Jones '70, James A. Normand '76, Maria Guerra '89, Mark Borrin '92, Dr. Judith A. Harrison '89G, David P. Suich '83, Mary J. "M.J." Knoll '89, and Muriel S. Robinette '74.

Winter 2001:

The Record Still Stands: 1950's football team had a perfect season
Medicine Man: Paul Anderson '63G leads DuPont's drug development team
Meeting the 'Goddess of the Sky': Nikki Campbell '98 helped clean up Everest
Newsmakers-- alumni in the news: Daniel S. Mariaschin '71, Stephen Cox '80G, Joyce Baldridge Tugel '74, '85G, Bryce Blair '80, Ralph F. Cox '79, Tracy Manforte Sweet '92, Michael Robichaud '92, Martin F. Smith Jr. '50, Dr. Kathleen Hille Roberts '72, and Lt. Cmdr. Kurt Danis '87.

Fall 2000:

Elias and the Monster: Christian Elias '95 is behind the Big Green Monster in Fenway Park
Going Against the Grain: Doug Davis '88 turned eight acres of his family farm into a corn maze
Of Firebirds and Flying Vs: Brian Fischer '76 collects cool guitars
Newsmakers-- alumni in the news: Teresa Dugan '91, Lou D'Allesandro '61, Wayne Burton '72G, Terry Hull Piper '69, '74G, Jeffrey A. Mayhew '80, Tony Riccio '89, Shannon Holden '00G, Robert Anzola '88, Antonio R. Rodriguez '74 and George McKinnon '80.

Spring 2000:

Great Balls of Light: Corky Newcomb '72 invents zany sporting goods
Still Running Fine: John Nutter '39 kept G.E.'s old machines running, and does the same at home
Turn, Turn, Turn: Emily Brown Thorne '89 races in cyclo-cross
Newsmakers-- alumni in the news: Chris Karl '93, Jennifer Crompton '82, Brian P. Coppola '78, Karl R. Leinsing '88, Catherine '74 and Joel Bedor '69, Peter J. Fontaine '86, David Coldren '87, Paul Mollomo '66, Michael V. Arbige '82G and Susan G. Jonis '74.

Winter 2000:

Master of the Mountain: Larry Barrett '72
Teacher and Students Pine for Science: Phil Browne '96G
Honk to Say Amen: Rev. Russell Moore '60
Newsmakers-- alumni in the news: J. Garrison Carpenter '86, Christine M. Antonelli '93, Jon M. Beekman '74, Jill Sible '90, Richard M. Sykes '66, Heather E. Dudley '96, Richard Glejzer '86, '89G, Wilfred L. Sanders Jr. '59, Andrea E. Chapdelaine '88 and Joseph J. Borin '88.

Fall 1999:

1,161 Miles on a Dog Sled: Judy White Currier '84
Skye Through Her Eyes: Sherry Palmer '69, '75G
When a Close Shave Saved the Day: Mike Lanza '75
On the Road to Cure Parkinson's: Matt Drayton '98
Newsmakers-- alumni in the news: Eric Stites '90, Thetis Palamiotou '89, Jonathan P. Ward '76, Deborah "Dee" J. Robinson '87, Ian G. Wilson '80, '84G, Dr. Judith Winston '70G, Paul P. Hartgen '92, Audrey O'Keefe '90, Dr. Van T. Cotter, and Bruce McKinney '76G.

Spring 1999: Chris Leavy '88, Dr. Marie Baehr '77G, Mark Oliver '91 and Dr. Judith Jackson-Graves Pomeroy '90.

Winter 1999: Joseph Pokoski '90, Sally C. Holland '72, Dr. Arthur C. Vailas '73, Gerald F. Duggan '65, Dr. Todd A. Mooradian '85 and Maureen E. Van Uden '86.

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